Wes Blaylock's Profit Funnel Review

Can Wes Blaylock's Profit Funnel System Help You Build HUGE Opt-in Lists?

EVERYONE seems to be using the squeeze page these days.

There MUST be a reason...

The Profit Funnel Secret

Review by Rex Turner

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Wes Blaylock sent me an email telling me of his new Profit Funnel Secret. I operate a number of websites & want to increase the opt-in rate. I wasn't sure if it would be a good fit for my types of web sites. BUT I have noticed that TONS of websites are starting to use this technique. They don't even allow you to have access to the website information until they have been run through an opt-in squeeze page. I wanted to know more. So for less than the price of a large pizza (as Wes puts it) I "opted-in" and purchased the system. Wes sold this using a fire sale technique where the price increases about $.05 every 20 minutes. Not enough to worry you too much but enough to make the tightwads get out the calculator.

Wes claims this is a simple 4-STEP system that can show you how to build huge opt-in lists and explode your traffic automatically!

Wes's system comes with a file entitled The Profit Funnel Secret.pdf. This is the heart of his system where he explains STEP-BY-STEP how to utilize the profit funnel squeeze page system. Actually it covers a number of basic internet marketing strategies about how to make money even if you don't have your own product. I was a little disappointed in the size of this pdf. It is only 24 pages. The reason for my disappointment was because I was really enjoying the read. Wes has a simple style to read. He really focused on the STEP-BY-STEP part of it. Even though there was only 24 pages you shouldn't have too many questions about how the whole thing works when you are done.

OK if you didn't know how to FTP before you got this, you still won't know. That isn't what this is about. This is an explanation of the squeeze page with how & why it works. He tells you EXACTLY the methods he uses to grow his incredibly large business.

So Just WHAT DOES Wes Cover???

The simplified version of his 4-Step process is as follows:

Step 1. Setup Your Squeeze Page

Step 2. Find a Product

Step 3. Setup Your Autoresponder

Step 4. Advertise Your Squeeze Page.

OK so you're done. You don't really need to buy his system...Right?? WRONG!

Well the "devil is in the details" and the truth is that Wes just makes it easy to understand these details. He ends his ebook with a conclusion & a Profit Funnel Checklist. Quite frankly it was the checklist that I found the most value in. Sometimes is just really helps to have someone say..."Step 1...go do this....Step 2 ...go do this." Hey I don't mind the work but sometimes I just would like someone to say "If you go do this it will work".


Wes wanted to make this a no brainer. (I like that approach). So Wes added a swipe file. Granted this swipe file doesn't have every marketing ad known to mankind, but it does have a couple of pages of ideas to get your juices flowing. These are headlines that have shown over the years to be profit pulling machines. All the pros use swipe files full of these kinds of things. If you plan on advertising on the internet you really SHOULD have a swipe file.

Then Wes also added 5 squeeze page templates. They are already laid out for you in a graphically pleasing style. You just change the messages that say things like "Your name goes here" to your name - duh! I think they are simple, clean and for the most part are a good place to start. Even if they aren't what you want, they will give you the idea of it so you can make your own.

So Time To Tell Us What You Think Rex...

Well this is a low cost product. I think it has value WAY beyond its price. In fact, I rate it a "NO BRAINER". Sure the PDF is short, but all in all the VALUE is there. If you can't recover the cost of this product with the knowledge you gain you might as well just pack it in. YUP, just hang it up. No, at the time of this writing I haven't implemented the system on my other web sites yet. But I will. I know there is more than a "pizza's worth" of value in this product without having implemented the system yet. I know because I see very successful internet marketers doing it. I also know because I read the PDF and it makes perfect sense. It isn't a fluff filled piece of crap written by some ghost writer where English is his (or her) 4th language. The templates & swipe file are worth the price alone & really they are just the icing on the cake. The real value is in the PDF.

Another way of saying it is that I liked it so well that I paid EXTRA to get the resale rights for the system. I just knew this would be valuable to my customers.

My goal is to continue to give you value beyond what most everyone out there will do. So you get my honest opinion. I put my money where my mouth is. I bought the system AND the resale rights so you could still get this system long after his fire sale was over.

You can see the sales page at The Profit Funnel Secret. I have Wes's permission to sell this product so the web page has been converted over to my sales letter. You can purchase it there.

Oh yes before I forget... I am offering it to you for LESS than I paid for it. (Seems like I am always doing that!)

I wish you the best of success.

PS. Go to buy The Profit Funnel Secret now.

"Hello Rex,

You're providing a valuable service, and I'm so glad you're there. I've bookmarked your site and will visit often to see what else you're panning or recommending. Please keep up your great work! "
Joanna S. -- Florida