Commission Blueprint TWO Bonuses!


Because of the manpower requirements I can only offer this to 25 NOW 8 more people.

So you may wanna hurry!

Bonus 1: We will build you a website and host it for you for 1 year(Value $599) You are not REQUIRED to host it with us but we will host it for 1 year for free and then for $10/mo thereafter if you choose.  This website will be either a Wordpress blog or based on a template from the CB2 course.  There are several in the course.  Your choice.  It will be on the niche of your choice.  We will work together to get what you want.  It will be YOUR website and you can move it at any time.  I'll help.  I'm not volunteering to build a 15,000 page eCommerce site with shopping cart integration but I can sure put up a Paypal button with the best of 'em!

Bonus 2: 1600 graphics for you to use on future websites.  I use this stuff on many of my web sites. Value $59

Bonus 3:  7 Great Website scripts. Each come with a tutorial video and software. Value $100

Bonus 4: Photoshop Video Tutorials - How to make buttons, headers graphics and more. Value $50

Bonus 5: 50 Wordpress Themes - Crank out your own Wordpress blogs like a pro. Value $250

Bonus 6: How to Find a Killer Niche - There is more than one way to do this. Value $39

Bonus 7: Think and Grow Rich - I just want to make sure EVERYONE has this. Value $10 (or priceless!)

Total bonus value is $1107

Bonus 8: My personal Commission Blueprint Two notes - Here I will do an outline form of notes with my comments in with all of this.  I am not assigning a value to it but I'm sure it is more than priceless. :)

If you purchase through my link contact me with a copy of your purchase receipt so I can verify your purchase.  You can reply to my newsletter email which is:

RexT at MegaMarketingReviews dot com.  (Replace the at with an @ and the dot with a .)