Xtreme Millions

(Edit 2011 – Thankfully this product got discontinued.  I am sure whoever wrote it was unhappy with me because I continued to rank very high in the search engines for their search terms since I wrote negative things about it.  In fact, if you search for it now I am ranked #1.  Sorry if you were looking for the product.  You can thank me later.  Anywa… I removed the review.  It was clogging my system!)


I just finished writing a review of Xtreme Millions. I have been meaning to get this done for awhile. I slammed this puppy pretty hard, so I know I will get an earful. But I promised to give you honest reviews. That is more important that the money I make off of selling bad products & saying they were good.

This one has a “few” redeeming qualities, but you’ll have to read the review to dig it out.

You can read my review here at Xtreme Millions

May you have the best of success,
Rex Turner

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