Wealthy Affiliates Lookin’ Good


I joined Wealthy Affiliates, a membership site that has a HUGE forum where the Wealthy Affiliates Kyle & Carson answer your internet marketing questions as do people like Travis Sago, the “Bum Marketer”. These folks seem to be excellent quality & the information in the members area is very good. There are videos as well as a 8 week action plan that step by step walks you through what to do. There a bunch of online tools as well. I unfortunately purchased many tools that do the same job for a ton of money. Not that I am complaining I love my tools, but they do provide some nice keyword & competition spying tools also in the members area.

I will be writing more about it as I have more time to learn about what all is inside, but so far we’re looking good. At $29/month it is really hard to beat for the tremendous affiliate training you get.

Check it out. Thanks Travis for sending me there.


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