Time Flies Again & Again

Edit – in an effort to start updating my site more I have removed everything mentioned on this page.

Good grief it has been a month aGAIN! This one was really busy.

I have been updating some of my websites like crazy. I helped Jason James with his launch of UNTOLD MARKETING SECRETS by providing reviews & testimonials. It really is a great product. Jason was a great guy through the whole thing too.

I purchased Harris Fellman’s Peel Away Ads too. I found that to be a great product. He has already updated it to the second generation too. Inexpensively priced.

Then there was Harris Fellman’s Site Stealer launch. It was interesting to watch as “Sal” had to do what the Don said so’s he doesn’t get wacked. A bit corny, but fun & the product value was high. Lot of lessons learned here. And a GREAT price too.

So I became a pretty big fan of Harris this month. Good value for low bux.

Sad story of the month is that I tried to hire someone to do an ebook cover for me because I know I should be outsourcing. That just didn’t work. Although the fellow has been around for a while & had testimonials from here to there, I couldn’t get a cover, a response…nada.

So I went & purchased CoverActionPro & will do a few for myself. All I have to do is make two of them to pay for it. Waddya know I CAN do eCovers, CDs, DVDs, Software boxes & more. Lots of free videos too.

Well that’s about it for now. I better get back to work.


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