The Mega Marketing Reviews Blog is NOW Online!

Welcome everyone…

We’ve got a lot going on here at the MegaMarketingReviews homebase. We are working on new reviews & getting new products coming in. I know I am so excited you are here.

I just finished the Corey Rudl Insider Secrets review at (update 2011 – Product is now called “Step by Step Guide to Selling Online“. It’s a great product you should check out. I got some poor results with ebook Generator by Armand Morin which I explain in my review of ebook Generator & eCover Generator. So I do non flattering reviews too.

The MEGA review is for John Reese’s Traffic Secrets course. WOW you have to check out the review on my site. (Update 2011 – Product is discontinued)

Well that’s about it for this time.
I wish you the best of success.

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