The Dreaded Chipmunk Effect is Solved!

This story starts with our intrepid Internet Marketer who captures some streaming flash video as an SWF. I save it to my hard drive so that I can watch it when I want…especially if it is content I purchased & am afraid it will go away.

Move forward in time…

When I had to upgrade my flash player to V9.0.115.0 a week ago or so, I found that a lot of the recordings I had in SWF no longer sounded correct. They would take off with little bleeps & blurps (yes that’s technical talk) with such annoying frequency that I couldn’t stand it.

After pounding sand (Google) for awhile I came across the solution. It appears that Adobe introduced a little bug for us in the new player which screwed with our ability to play already existing flash files.

Anyway…ranting aside you can download a tool here that is truly a beautiful thing. It is from the creators of Camtasia (TechSmith) & creates an application that you merely drag a SWF file into it & push the FIX AUDIO button & voila it is fixed. The download is at the bottom of the page and is call SWFMP3fixer. The page explains all the technical reasons for the bug & why some SWFs have it & some don’t.

Anyway…No more chipmunks! WooHooo!

I knew that some folks recommended a K-Lite codec pack download. That didn’t help me unfortunately.

Sooooo… If you have a PC & haven’t “upgraded” your flash V9 then you have something to look forward to. If you have a PC with an “upgraded” flash player this may be your answer to chipmunky (can I say that?) audios. If you have an Apple product I couldn’t tell ya. Yer on yer own.

Anyway…hope this helps somebody else because it was reeeeeally starting to p*ss me off.


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