The Best PPC Course Part 2

I can only tell ya that I put up that last post, I think around 2AM.  So in my tired state I screwed up a couple of things.  I know that won’t surprise many of you.

First.  I TOTALLY left out another PPC course which is PPC Classroom.  I was an original member of PPC Classroom 1 and now a continuing member of PPC Classroom 2.0.  So don’t ask me how it slipped my mind to put it in the list.  This is especially true since I think they have really ramped things up with PPC Classroom 2.0.

I personally know Amit Mehta, the $2.4 Million dollar super affiliate that is teaching most of the course.  In fact I did coaching with him BEFORE PPC Classroom.  He definitely knows his stuff.

The pros:

  • There is an active community for PPC Classroom 2.0.  (That wasn’t true with V1.0)
  • The lessons cover from beginner to advanced.  (Last time it was more for beginner)
  • Amit is genuinely interested in making sure you learn this stuff.  He’s a good guy.
  • The eLearning system allows you to go at your own pace.

The cons:

  • Not too many.  The system is large and at first glance overwhelming, but it is broken down into bite size pieces.
  • Typical marketing … upsells, downsells, sideways sells.  Just expect it.  It is your choice what you do, though and they allow you several options.

The other thing I screwed up in my earlier post about Arbitrage Conspiracy is the fact that I forgot to mention that this is probably NOT a good course for newbies.

NO I do not have it in hand because it is developed over 12 weeks, but from everything I can gather from people who were at the now famous Vegas $10K per person seminar and from the marketing materials I can say that it probably is not for newbies.

First it will cost a lot.  I have heard numbers from $1700 – $2000 and as I write this I honestly don’t know.  As a newbie you can get training that is excellent for MUCH less…like at Commission Blueprint or PPC Classroom.  I would add PPC Formula since it is about the same topics PPC – CPA as Arbitrage Conspiracy, however, it is currently unavailable until January when the 2.0 version comes out.

Secondly, the people who are REALLY going to be interested in this are the people already making good money a day and want to ramp it up to the highest level.  Like I said in my last post, lots of people can pull in $1K-$2K a day…some even $10K a day on a consitant basis.  But not many can pull in $50K consistantly with bursts to $100K a day.  That is a whole ‘nuther level.

Plus anyone with any brains knows that even with the information that Aymen provides you aren’t going to jump from $0 to $100K per day in a month?  Right??…you DO know that right?  If so please email me to see about a bridge that I have for sale called the Golden Gate Bridge.  I also real estate as well such as the Empire State Building.  I will probably let it go for maybe $10,000…so call me.  🙂

So expect this course to be pretty advanced.  It may start at the beginning but from 0 to big buxs in 12 weeks is more than pretty agressive.  But maybe you can get to $300/day.  It wouldn’t take too long to pay for the course even if you can only get to that.

Keep in mind that it opens at noon eastern time 12/10/08.  So more than likely Arbitrage Conspiracy will be open by the time you read this.

Best of success,

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