The Arbitrage Conspiracy Launch Was a Cluster

I am not sure who, what, when or where but there DEFINITELY was SOME kind of conspiracy at work here.  Many of the big launches over the last year or so have been so huge that they had server problems and so on.

The Arbitrage Conspiracy Launch set some new records in that department as well.  The launch was even postponed a day.  When you launch a new product you want to set records, but not necessarily these kinds of records.

Nevertheless, it is now open, although probably not for long.

For me the purchase decision was somewhat difficult.  The $2000 price tag was “ginormous” (but not if they deliver).  And in these economic times, I would think that it would be tough to get the casual internet marketing wannabe to cough up $2000 but it seems that they are selling the hell out of it.

So while I am signed up, by the time I can tell you what is in it, the doors will be closed.  Such is life.

Why did I buy the Arbitrage Conspiracy?  First I intend on ramping up my PPC campaigns, CPA offers and other things I don’t talk about.  I haven’t found ANY other internet marketers that have learned to ramp up the income like Aymen has at the $50K-$100K per day level.

Second there is a 100% money back guarantee.  In fact, there is a 2nd guarantee that is for an additional $500 if you do everything they say and still don’t make your money back.  Yea, good luck collecting on that one for a couple of reasons.  If you do everything they say you probably WILL make your money back (drat!).  Then again, if you don’t I can’t imagine them spending much time figuring out what you did wrong.  But if you get your money back that is good enough for me anyway.  I am not looking to make money on refunds.  Some people do, but not me!

Yes the price was steep, but I always look at this like a college degree.  You pay to learn.  In college you go to school to learn how to fight over a $50K a year job.  Aymen makes $50K in a day.  So if you can use this information to do 1% of that you will pay for the course in FOUR DAYS!  Granted they wouldn’t be the FIRST four days.

So while the launch itself was a crash of epic proportions, the REAL test will be in the product anyway.  How good will the instruction be?  I am waiting anxiously.

Best of success,

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