Secret Back Door for Commission Blueprint 2.0

Hey everyone,

I am now finishing up Module 6. Oh MY! I have 20 pages of notes. Today I didn’t work on it though because I took the day taking ACTION on some of the items that were covered in Module 6.

I did a couple of things today that I would not have done without the instructions from the Commission Blueprint 2 crew. I know that I am building the PR of my sites with this new method. Actually it is not that the method is so new, as the action plan was laid out in several videos. So I felt extremely confident in the path I took.

The bad news is that they closed the doors for Commission Blueprint 2.0. Face it, I had been warning you guys. I know that some of you signed up. Congratulations. I will probably be seeing you in the forum.

Steve Clayton PERSONALLY answered a couple of questions for me in the last 24 hours. You can’t get service like that hardly anywhere.

But now the good news. Steve and Tim gave me a secret back door link that my customers can use to get the 7 day trial of Keyword Blueprint and Offer Evaluator. These are just 2 of the 7 tools inside the course. And you don’t even need to break out the credit card.

The REEEEALLY good news is that this gets you another chance to get the course. They told me that this would get you another opportunity to get in the course. I really don’t know how long they will keep this open for me and I know I am grateful for the chance to let you guys sitting on the fence get another shot.

You can check out my bonuses you get if you purchase through my affiliate link.

You can get your free trial of Keyword Blueprint and Offer Evaluator.

Take action while I still have a few bonuses left and the secret back door works!


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