Rex Jumps In With Both Feet!

I just realized that while I sent the announcement out to my in-house list, I never posted my plans to my blog. You see 2008 is going to be a very big year for me and my loved ones.

But first let me digress… and hang on to yer hat as this is a LONGGG post but I promise it will be worth it.

I’m not selling anything today…but there is a HUGE lesson here…if you are ready for it. This lesson COULD be a turning point in your life too…if you let it be.

So turn back the clock to the early 70s. (WOW! That’s a lot of rewinding!)

In college, my hair was down past my shoulders. Yup I was one of THOSE. I played guitar in a rock band in Norman, Oklahoma. I was “supposed” to be getting a college education in physics, psychology & electrical engineering. Oh, I was getting an education alright. I was working 20 hours per week at a Target store in Norman to PAY for college, going to school by day & playing guitar & drinking beer until 2AM. It’s a good thing we didn’t get more gigs or I would have crashed & burned!

Then my first epiphany happened…

I distinctly remember leaving an after party one night at about 2 AM. Our band had a good night. The crowd was screaming for us to play more. I was feeling almost famous and I had $8 & all the beer I could drink for free. What else could a college student ask for right??? The rhythm guitar player & I had to walk back to campus from the party because the lead singer (who had the car) drove off. He left us because he picked up a cute girl at the party. Bastard!

We laughed all the way back to campus. We were miles from campus which gave us a lot of time to reflect. We both knew this wasn’t our future. We were not where we wanted. We had really big choices to make. $8 & all the beer you could drink on the one hand versus a secure career as an engineer waiting for me if only I would knuckle down & get to work. You gotta realize that for a college kid this choice is not as obvious as it is now. LOL.

I was never quite the same after that. I love music to this day & have played in multiple bands since then. That was for fun. But I never deluded myself to think that I should gamble my secure career away for trying to become a “ROCK STAR”. So with renewed enthusiasm I completed my degree.

Fast forward over 30 years…..zzzzzzz……..The short version…

I designed scoreboard electronics, worked on military electronics, designed fish locators, Loran navigation receivers, and finally what has consumed the last 20 years of my life…GPS receivers. I was promoted VERY rapidly until I became the engineering manager of the GPS group. I was the manager for over 20 years. I have designed GPS products for boats, handheld units, aviation units & automotive turn by turn navigation units. I even have a patent issued from one of the GPS designs. It was a good job. It was fun because I loved the technology & the people I worked with.

Then one day, the owner of the company decided to sell the company that I had known for many years. They decided they didn’t need to invest more in the future of GPS.

WHAM! After 30 years at my job I was laid off & put on the streets.

IS THIS A PROBLEM? Not, really! This is a HUGE opportunity for me!


My alleged “security” of my engineering degree and spending 30 years at one company provided me with absolutely NO security at the end of the day. Sure, I had a good run with decent pay and benefits. I’m not complaining even one little bit. The company has been good to me.

But REAL security was in me and my own abilities. It was time to move on.

I have not been stagnant over my career. I have ALWAYS continued to learn. My home office has 5 bookshelves simply CRAMMED with books, 3 ring binders, DVDs and software. I have at least 7 computers on the home network. I am up to date on the latest design techniques in surface mount electronics and PCB (printed circuit board) layouts. However, I am ALSO up to date on internet marketing.

I could go get another job. I have not even the slightest, teensiest doubt in my mind. My design skills are marketable. But I choose NOT to pursue them.

Why??? I have already told you I love engineering.

The answers are found in my dreams and goals…

• You don’t get wealthy working at a JOB.
• You don’t get wealthy trading TIME for MONEY.
• I can’t get as much personal satisfaction executing decisions I know in my heart are wrong when I can be making my own decisions as an entrepreneur.
• I have dreams & goals that can never be met while working at a day job.
• Equally important my wife’s goals can’t either.

So as of January 1, 2008 I have gone full time into internet marketing!

Honestly I can’t believe it has taken me this long to DECIDE to do this. This is a decision my wife & I made together. My wife and I decided that my passion these days was on the internet anyway. I had been selling products online since 2005. But I only got to do that in the evenings. Even so I was having pretty good success.

So come along on the ride. No, that doesn’t mean for you to go quit your job tomorrow. Don’t get ahead of yourself. You could PLAN to quit your job. It also, means keep an eye out here as I share my stories, plans & results. You will also see products recommended that I am using to further my business.

So where are those lessons that I promised you?
You may have already figured some of it out.

1. Playing rock guitar for all the beer you can drink is not a good bet!
2. A long distinguished career even in an industry does NOT truly offer security in today’s world.
3. Keep learning. Never stop. Maybe, learn more than just ONE thing in life. Imagine if you only worked on record players and never learned about CDs or DVD players. Very dim future.
4. Be prepared for the future. That means SAVE MONEY. Don’t spend every dime you have. I would be sweating it if I didn’t prepare.
5. Make life changing decisions with your spouse as they are in this with you & you need their support. If you don’t you are a moron!
6. Believe in yourself. Go for your dreams. Follow your heart. Most of your worries in life are between your ears, caused by your or never happen.

So why the internet? Hello? Do you have a pulse? You are reading THIS on the internet. It has saturated our very lives.

I have heard the internet described as still being like the Wild West. I believe that. We have a lot more of the time line in front of us than behind us. It is NOT too late to jump in. The future is obvious. People who don’t think that the internet will play a huge part of our everyday lives is living in a dream world and should probably go repair record players & analog watches.

So what is my recommendation to you?

I suggest that you consider what it is that you could learn to do to participate in this explosive growth on the internet. It really doesn’t matter WHAT you are interested in, there is another group of people on the internet interested in it too. From Aardvarks to paper wads you can find it on the internet.

Find your passion & talk about it, write about it, sell it, whatever.

You could become a graphics artist, copywriter, sell jewelry you make at home, or advertise your lawn mowing service, but do NOT underestimate what can be done in this information medium. You can learn these things part time while working a day job. That is what I did.

Sure I know you want to come home from your day job & watch “The Wheel of Fortune” on TV…DON’T DO IT! I don’t care HOW many letters Vanna turned since 2005 but I am EVER so glad that I have become proficient at internet marketing. Otherwise I wouldn’t have the CHOICE that I have today.

Your FUTURE is what you trade for this brain dead time. Where would I be if I had done that? I would be beating the streets looking for another day job. Don’t forget in today’s world the job for me didn’t end at 5PM either. Oh no….it often went until 10PM at night. So we are talking about a quality of life issue here. If I work until 10PM now I can visualize that new house I want. Whereas my day job hadn’t given me anything past a cost of living raise in YEARS!

Learn about internet marketing like I did. I happen to know a great website (mine!) to sort out the good from the bad. And people are ALWAYS amazed when I answer my emails personally. So if you get a question email me. Within limits I will try to answer your question. Hey I got a JOB to do now remember? But this website is dedicated to helping the newbie get confidence that they can do it too. I want to help them learn how.

Maybe this post is YOUR turning point in YOUR life. It’s your life. What will you do with it? What will you become? Believe me you can do it. Honestly, some of the people that I meet everyday that are getting wealthy on the internet are ……shall we say nothing special. They DECIDED to make it happen and that may be the ONLY thing that made them special. Don’t get me wrong. I am surrounded by brilliant people as well. In fact, brilliant people are drawn to the internet because they DO see the big picture. I’m just saying that you can’t use the excuse that “I can’t do it” or “I don’t know how”. That is just an excuse to make yourself feel better.

Haven’t you noticed over the years that people come to the United States from other countries, with no education, can barely speak English, with no skills and wind up being multi-millionaires? Now how is it that happens? What is the difference between them & everyone else? The difference is that they BELIEVED. They believed America is the land of opportunity…and they were right! But that land of opportunity is not just in America. It is WORLDWIDE on the internet. People in countries around the world can make (what used to be) an entire day’s wage in an hour on the internet.

As they say regardless of if you think you can do something or you think you can’t…you’re right!

As always your comments are welcome and thank you for your interest. I appreciate you!


PS This is the longest post I have ever written but may be the most important post I have ever written. If you drudged your way through my memory lane I hope you found it to be worth it. If just one person changes their direction due to this post it was more than well worth it to me.

PPS. You know what the best part of internet marketing is? FREEDOM! My drive to work consists of putting on the house shoes & trying not to step on the dog or the cat as I walk down the hall to go to work. Hell, I didn’t even change out of the house shoes all day!

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