Internet Marketing Marathon is Over

Good grief! My wife & I just finished an Internet Marketing Marathon in Las Vegas. It started with PPC Classroom “LIVE”. That was a huge event with numerous speakers that lasted two full days ending around 10PM on Saturday night with a secret session with Simon Leung of Google AdWords fame. We got a lot of insider info as the night went on.

Yesterday we capped it off with a small event led by Brent Hall (Multiplier Method) & Andre Chaperon. It was a very informal event with a workshop atmosphere where everyone got to ask questions until we couldn’t think of any more to ask.

In both events we had numerous powerful internet marketers in the audience.

I will start to go over the presentations one post at a time so stay tuned. They will be coming as I get breaks in the day because we are still in vacation in Vegas for the 6 days.

So I will have limited time, but want you to get some of the bits & pieces we got from the seminars.

I will finish by saying that you really MUST attend events like this if you want to make it big in the internet marketing world. I will mention just ONE case in point at this time.

Amit Mehta is someone I met as Rich Schefren’s event last year in October in Orlando. He was just another person in the crowd. He wasn’t famous. He was…frankly nobody special at first glance. There were signs though. He had quit his $90K/yr job. He was making more online than his job. He was generous with info. I didn’t get it. Over a year later I have now taken his Super Affiliate Accelerator course and now signed up for his 6 month coaching since he was the KEYNOTE speaker at the PPC Live event. His results were stunning. Let’s just say that he showed us account info that was at $1.5 million & was only one of is accounts. OK, sure, he has to be a smart puppy, completing his PHD in theoretical physics & working at MIT Lincoln Labs.

The point is this…

You never know when the guy (or gal) you are sitting next to, will become a major part of your life. They may become your next JV partner, or you next best buddy. You may learn tricks that will save you thousands of dollars in Google costs or whatever. Or… GASP! You may just have fun.

Every time I go to an event like this, I don’t care if they are “pitchfests” they have tremendous value. Look for an event that YOU can attend. It *could* make the difference that you have been looking for.

And before you say…OK Rex that is OK for YOU! You can afford to do all this & I can’t. I will tell you a secret! I can’t either! I just know that I can’t afford NOT to.

I will have a HUGE announcement at the end of this year that will explain why.

Until then, just sit back & enjoy the posts I will have on this marathon weekend.

As always your comments are welcome.

Best of success,

Pay Attention or Be Left Behind!

OK listen up,

One of my mentors is getting ready to give you more free info. As I have said many times before, when Rich Schefren speaks I listen.

You should too, if….and only if…you are SERIOUS about building a monster business on the internet.

Rich is releasing his all new Attention Age Doctrine Part 2

Attention is the focus. We all have a LACK of focus these days. Read about the solution to this problem. But I warn you. Rich always pulls this stuff down after a short period of time.

So RUN don’t WALK to download Rich Schefren’s FREE Attention Age Doctrine Part 2

All the best,

Rex Turner

PS I already have mine. This is 93 pages of awesome stuff!

Rich Schefren Is Gonna Blast Your World

Last October I went to a Seminar hosted by Rich Schefren. I have to say it was a life changing event for me. I was fed world class business information intraveniously. I got to meet with world class internet marketers, some of which I am now paying to teach me more.

If there is ONE THING that I can say has been the secret to my online success, it is that I seek out the best people on the internet to mentor me…to teach me what they do.

Rich is one such person. I can NOT believe just how much great information that I have extracted from him. Sure it cost a pretty penney. Any time you pick your butt up & fly across the country, stay in fancy hotels & eat out a lot you spend money.

OK so what?

This sorta reminds me of a trip to Hawaii that my wife & I took years ago. We wanted to take a helicopter ride over the Maui mountains & see the waterfalls up close. The cost was enormous…or so we thought.

We did it anyway.

You know what? That memory is my favorite memory to this day of ALL of my vacations. The money is long gone, paid for & forgotten. But not the memory.

My dealings with Rich were much like that. The money I spent learning from him was painful at the time, but has been long forgotten.

But in this case, something special happened.

This time instead of just wonderful memories…and OH I have those…I got a massive infusion of knowledge that I will carry with me the rest of my life. Knowledge that will help me CONTINUE to break through the success boundaries.

I’m NOT kidding.

So why is this important now?

Rich is releasing a new report. When Rich does that, I am first in line to go get it. Sure it’s free. I don’t care. His FREE information is better than most people sell.

His new report is called the “Attention Age Doctrine Part 2”. You can get your free copy at “Attention Age

Please, go get his free report. I can hardly wait to get my hands on it to see what he has in store for us.

I have signed up.

I hope you do too. Go get it at “Attention Age

Best of success,


New Crazy Site Rubix Will Explode!

Hello everyone,

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and so far couldn’t be happier with the information they provide vs the cost. This website teaches you just about everything you need to know about how to become…well…a wealthy affiliate.

I need to get off my butt & get a full blown site review done for it. I have never done a site review and I do product reviews. But in this case, the product is a membership site.

Anyway I’m getting off the track…

Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate fame, are getting ready to release a new product that I am pretty sure will be amazing without even having seen it yet.

You see…

I get three basic questions from people who need help. At least three come to mind at this moment.

1. I don’t know where to start. What do I sell?

2. I am not a computer nerd. I can’t spell FTP. What’s HTML? How can I build my website? If I could build it how could I get it on the internet?

3. How do I get more traffic to my website?

Well Site Rubix is designed to solve question number two.

With Site Rubix you can “Create & Publish a Professional Website In Under 5 Minutes Without Having to Look at a Single Piece Of HTML Code. Finally, a Website Development Tool That Anyone Can Use and EVERYONE Will Want to Use!”.

That is their claim. And ya know…

Even though I haven’t seen the product I have gotten some inside information that I will be releasing little by little. Kyle and Carson aren’t ready to let everything out of the bag yet.

But you might want to go get put on their sign up list to at least be notified when the product launches so you can see how you can save massive amounts of time and brain cells putting up beautiful, quality, search engine friendly websites.

So go check out Site Rubix today

As someone who has seen Kyle and Carson deliver on all of their promises before, I know this product will be great!

And as always, don’t forget to go check out the Internet Marketing Reviews

Best of successs,

Rex Turner

Wealthy Affiliates Lookin’ Good


I joined Wealthy Affiliates, a membership site that has a HUGE forum where the Wealthy Affiliates Kyle & Carson answer your internet marketing questions as do people like Travis Sago, the “Bum Marketer”. These folks seem to be excellent quality & the information in the members area is very good. There are videos as well as a 8 week action plan that step by step walks you through what to do. There a bunch of online tools as well. I unfortunately purchased many tools that do the same job for a ton of money. Not that I am complaining I love my tools, but they do provide some nice keyword & competition spying tools also in the members area.

I will be writing more about it as I have more time to learn about what all is inside, but so far we’re looking good. At $29/month it is really hard to beat for the tremendous affiliate training you get.

Check it out. Thanks Travis for sending me there.