Arbitrage Conspiracy Social Proof

(Edit 2011) As I have stated in other posts Arbitrage Conspiracy turned out to be a giant cluster to the end.  The arrogance of Ayman was staggering.  He insisted that they were delivering tremendous value and railed against anyone or anything that suggested otherwise.  The forum got full of complaints and then disappeared for “improvements”.  We all knew why it disappeared REEEEALLY.   Later, Ayman stated that they realized they had not taught the course appropriately.  No kidding.  They spent a TON of effort making sure you couldn’t download their crap “videos” which really had no video content.  The PDFs were a joke.  They were 1-3 pages of slide that were onscreen for an hour while instruction was delivered verbally.  I am sure that some people who see Aymen at an internet marketing event will gladly punch him in the face.  Can’t say I blame them as refunds were almost non-existant.  Unhappy customers were not.  Add me to that list.

Ayman promised to update the course.  OK they updated the graphics and wanted to sell more but the content NEVER got updated to my knowledge.

Next Ayman approached me to promote a new product of his.  I couldn’t hit the “unsubscribe” link fast enough.  Never again buddy!

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The folks at Arbitrage Conspiracy have started to redeem themselves.  You may recall from my previous post about the launch problems that were “Titanic” in nature.  Well, it took them a while to sort it all out, but I must say they have started providing us with content now.

My bad is your good…

So what does that mean?  It means that I am disappointed in the fact that the main course will not start until January 5th.

That is BAD!

However, that means that you have time to get in before the classes start.  They want to let everyone get the holidays out of the way and have all of us start on the same day.

That’s good!  But I wanna go NOWWWWWWWWW!

I have been talking with some of the internet acquaintances that I have who know the guys over at Arbitrage Conspiracy.  I am convinced.  Aymen DOES make the kind of money that is claimed.  Some of my friends have actually looked over his shoulder as he logged into his account.

They were blown away.

Realize this is a friend of mine who BLOWS ME AWAY!

So what I am finding out is that the guys who already make $10K-$50K a month are signed up.  I initially thought that this would NOT be for beginners.

It looks like I *may* be wrong.

Now that I can log in to the members area I see that the overview videos discuss newbies quite a bit.  They are most definitely planning on trying to launch the newbies into orbit (financially).

I wished I had a ton of information on the Arbitrage Conspiracy for you but at this time I don’t.  The classes haven’t started although we have a conference call today.  They are going to cover the course outline and some specific questions will be answered.

I do know they are getting to add a ton more of high end bonuses too.

The fact is that there already about 1750 members.  YOUCH!  That is at $2000.  DOUBLE YOUCH!  Some of that money is coming from guys already making $50K a month.  They want to know how to get to $50K a DAY.

I know I would settle for a little less than that.  How about you?

I hope to see some of you over in the Arbitrage Conspiracy members area.

Even if you KNOW you aren’t interested you should probably go check out the free content, videos and so on.  The sad fact is that by the time I know how good (or bad) this course is it will be sold out.The sad fact is that by the time I know how good (or bad) this course is it will be sold out.  I am not remotely worried myself, because I am confident in the people behind the scenes and the 100% moneyback guarantee is bulletproof.

Best of success,


The Arbitrage Conspiracy Launch Was a Cluster

I am not sure who, what, when or where but there DEFINITELY was SOME kind of conspiracy at work here.  Many of the big launches over the last year or so have been so huge that they had server problems and so on.

The Arbitrage Conspiracy Launch set some new records in that department as well.  The launch was even postponed a day.  When you launch a new product you want to set records, but not necessarily these kinds of records.

Nevertheless, it is now open, although probably not for long.

For me the purchase decision was somewhat difficult.  The $2000 price tag was “ginormous” (but not if they deliver).  And in these economic times, I would think that it would be tough to get the casual internet marketing wannabe to cough up $2000 but it seems that they are selling the hell out of it.

So while I am signed up, by the time I can tell you what is in it, the doors will be closed.  Such is life.

Why did I buy the Arbitrage Conspiracy?  First I intend on ramping up my PPC campaigns, CPA offers and other things I don’t talk about.  I haven’t found ANY other internet marketers that have learned to ramp up the income like Aymen has at the $50K-$100K per day level.

Second there is a 100% money back guarantee.  In fact, there is a 2nd guarantee that is for an additional $500 if you do everything they say and still don’t make your money back.  Yea, good luck collecting on that one for a couple of reasons.  If you do everything they say you probably WILL make your money back (drat!).  Then again, if you don’t I can’t imagine them spending much time figuring out what you did wrong.  But if you get your money back that is good enough for me anyway.  I am not looking to make money on refunds.  Some people do, but not me!

Yes the price was steep, but I always look at this like a college degree.  You pay to learn.  In college you go to school to learn how to fight over a $50K a year job.  Aymen makes $50K in a day.  So if you can use this information to do 1% of that you will pay for the course in FOUR DAYS!  Granted they wouldn’t be the FIRST four days.

So while the launch itself was a crash of epic proportions, the REAL test will be in the product anyway.  How good will the instruction be?  I am waiting anxiously.

Best of success,

The Best PPC Course Part 2

I can only tell ya that I put up that last post, I think around 2AM.  So in my tired state I screwed up a couple of things.  I know that won’t surprise many of you.

First.  I TOTALLY left out another PPC course which is PPC Classroom.  I was an original member of PPC Classroom 1 and now a continuing member of PPC Classroom 2.0.  So don’t ask me how it slipped my mind to put it in the list.  This is especially true since I think they have really ramped things up with PPC Classroom 2.0.

I personally know Amit Mehta, the $2.4 Million dollar super affiliate that is teaching most of the course.  In fact I did coaching with him BEFORE PPC Classroom.  He definitely knows his stuff.

The pros:

  • There is an active community for PPC Classroom 2.0.  (That wasn’t true with V1.0)
  • The lessons cover from beginner to advanced.  (Last time it was more for beginner)
  • Amit is genuinely interested in making sure you learn this stuff.  He’s a good guy.
  • The eLearning system allows you to go at your own pace.

The cons:

  • Not too many.  The system is large and at first glance overwhelming, but it is broken down into bite size pieces.
  • Typical marketing … upsells, downsells, sideways sells.  Just expect it.  It is your choice what you do, though and they allow you several options.

The other thing I screwed up in my earlier post about Arbitrage Conspiracy is the fact that I forgot to mention that this is probably NOT a good course for newbies.

NO I do not have it in hand because it is developed over 12 weeks, but from everything I can gather from people who were at the now famous Vegas $10K per person seminar and from the marketing materials I can say that it probably is not for newbies.

First it will cost a lot.  I have heard numbers from $1700 – $2000 and as I write this I honestly don’t know.  As a newbie you can get training that is excellent for MUCH less…like at Commission Blueprint or PPC Classroom.  I would add PPC Formula since it is about the same topics PPC – CPA as Arbitrage Conspiracy, however, it is currently unavailable until January when the 2.0 version comes out.

Secondly, the people who are REALLY going to be interested in this are the people already making good money a day and want to ramp it up to the highest level.  Like I said in my last post, lots of people can pull in $1K-$2K a day…some even $10K a day on a consitant basis.  But not many can pull in $50K consistantly with bursts to $100K a day.  That is a whole ‘nuther level.

Plus anyone with any brains knows that even with the information that Aymen provides you aren’t going to jump from $0 to $100K per day in a month?  Right??…you DO know that right?  If so please email me to see about a bridge that I have for sale called the Golden Gate Bridge.  I also real estate as well such as the Empire State Building.  I will probably let it go for maybe $10,000…so call me.  🙂

So expect this course to be pretty advanced.  It may start at the beginning but from 0 to big buxs in 12 weeks is more than pretty agressive.  But maybe you can get to $300/day.  It wouldn’t take too long to pay for the course even if you can only get to that.

Keep in mind that it opens at noon eastern time 12/10/08.  So more than likely Arbitrage Conspiracy will be open by the time you read this.

Best of success,

Which PPC Course is the Best?

(Edit 2011 ) Where are we at here?  Commission Blueprint is a discontinued product.  It was a TOP nothc product in its day.  Things have changed too much and so Steve and Tim plan on updating the course, but for now, it is gone. I can’t wait to see what Steve and Tim do here.  Steve is one of THE greatest teachers around.  I have just about EVERYTHING Steve and Tim make.  I will update this when a new version comes out.

Arbitrage Conspiracy was a complete and total waste of money.  It was one step short of a scam.  The teaching methods were horrible and the industry started calling it the “Garbitrage Conspiracy”.  It was all hype, flash and glitter.  I for one was pissed! Look out for ANY product promoted by Aymen and run like hell.  The Arbitrage Conspiracy website slithered off into the night and is no longer.  Good riddance.  If any of you purchased it under MY recommendation I apologize.!

PPC Formula by Gauher Chaudry is still around and continues to get updated.  It is the main method Gauher uses to drive traffic to CPA offers.  He maintains his integrity and is a very good teacher.  I have spent time with him in person in Toronto and he’s a good guy and genuinely tries to help.  PPC Formula gets my vote at this time for the products available.

The Adwords Code turned out to be so bad I refunded the product.  They made me send the damn thing to Israel…no kidding where it was ignored and sent back to me, but ultimately I did get my money back for all my trouble.

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I get asked all the time, which PPC (Pay Per Click) course should I buy?  Which PPC course is the best?  Which PPC course will help me make money on the internet?

There are 4 courses that come to mind as being very popular right now.

  • Commission Blueprint
  • AdWords Code
  • PPC Formula
  • Arbitrage Conspiracy

I own Commission Blueprint.  I love it.  As far as I am concerned this is the best course for the money.  It may be the best course PERIOD.  Commission Blueprint is a course designed to teach you how to do PPC to Clickbank products.  It is reasonably priced and has an ongoing monthly fee if you want to get updates and other methods to expand your business.

I must admit Steve Clayton is one of the best teachers I have seen.  He is genuinely concerned and tries to get you the best information he can.  He teaches you about landing pages, Google Adwords and more.  Not just beginner techniques either.  I have been doing this a long time.  Steve is a great teacher and is on the forum answering questions just about every single day.  Tim is a classic marketer with great skills in copywriting and website design.  They make quite a team.  I highly recommend Commission Blueprint.

Adwords Code – This is a high dollar course that I purchased.  Michael Jones gives a video demonstration and sales pitch as good as anyone.  I was sold.  I purchased this $1500 course and had it arrive on 1 DVD.  YUP you got it.  1 DVD.  I paid a $100 for shipping because it came from Israel.  It also came with a bonus CD that didn’t work.  The DVD requires a specialty player be installed.  Just what I need.

Quite frankly the information in this was no where nearly as good as the information in Commission Blueprint and AdWords Code was a silly ridiculous price for what you got.  Needless to say I sent it back for a refund.  Funny it only cost $30 to send it back to Israel.  So no affiliate link from me.

PPC Formula – By Gauher Chauhdry is an excellent course about PPC to CPA (cost per action or acquisition) offers.  He is a VERY good instructor who is fair and honest.  I continue to purchase just about everything Gauher does.  I have not regretted any of it.  It was all excellent.  I highly recommend it.  The original course is just a bit dated now and a new version is coming out.  While I haven’t seen the new 2.0 course yet (it launches in January) I can just about guarantee it will be great.

Arbitrage Conspiracy – This course is also about PPC to CPA offers.  Keep in mind that at the time of this writing I have not personally seen this course.  But OH MY GOD, this course is being promoted by Brad Fallon (Stompernet) and teaches the methods of an unknown individual that just scrapes by.  He pulls in $50,000 every day and some days pulls in $100,000.  Notice I said in a DAY.   Not a week, not a month, not a year.  In a DAY!

Sorry that qualifies for another OHMYGOD!  I don’t know ANYONE doing that.  I personally know internet marketers who can talk numbers like $10,000 a day, but not $100,000 a day.  Good grief!

This story is being told by the very biggest of the biggest internet marketers who went to Vegas for a seminar put on by this fellow ( his name is Aymen…see I told you that you never heard of him).  There was about 150 people in this seminar including most of the big names in affiliate marketing.  (Brad Fallon, Mike Filsaime, Russel Brunson, Tellmon Knudson, Buck Risvi, Shawn Casey, Yanik Silver, Eben Pagan and the list can go on and on.)  Granted a lot of these guys don’t do PPC but some of the players there are already big PPC guys.  Nothing impresses them.  They have seen it all before & make thousands of dollars a day themselves…but not $50K a day or $100K a day.  So they were ALL blown away.

I was on a call with these guys tonight and it is pretty obvious that everyone is really excited about it.  The testimonials on the website are over the top excited…not your usual “boy am I glad I came here” type testimonials.  No…these folks are excited.  Did I mention that some of them paid $10,000 to hear this guy speak?

So I don’t know much about this course yet, but it launches tomorrow and I will be in line waiting to see how much it costs and if it is right for me.  I am pretty sure it will be pretty expensive.  So I may have to think about it.

I know this training goes on for 12 weeks.  (That is more than 1 DVD huh?)  Once I have it in hand I can give you a better review.  In the meantime there is a very nice PDF with some really important PPC tactics.

I am pretty excited about it.  So you may want to check into it with me.  It launches 12/10/08 at noon eastern time.  Go check out Arbitrage Conspiracy with me!

Best of success,

Ever Heard of the CashbyChoice System?

(Edit 2011 –  Rob moved this program.  I am not sure where it went.  He has moved on the to the wonderful SendOutCards Program and doing fantastic.  I still keep in touch with him from time to time .  He is a great guy.   I can’t blame him I love the SendOutCards system too.)


I didn’t think so! I hadn’t either.

It started the other day when a friend of mine sent me an email personally endorsing Rob Fore’s CashbyChoice System  and as  I listen pretty much to everything this friend of mine (Jonathan) says.  Ironically Jonathan, tells me that HE listens to everything Rob has to say.

So this is word of mouth advertising.  Ya gotta love it.

Anyway, when I found out how dirt cheap this system was ($17) I had to go look.  After all, Rob is making a MULTIPLE 6 figure income as a super affiliate on the internet.  And Jonathan who is ALSO a super affiliate is recommending him.  This is a pretty good endorsement to me.

And just how long should it take to make my $17 back anyway?  As it turns out…not very long at all.

So I plunked my money down & commenced to read.  I read it last night in about 30 minutes.

Honestly, I must say that this document spoke to me.  It made sense at my deepest levels.  He has a lot of hints about how to be successful online.  In fact, the PDF is very inspirational to me.

His PDF, as it turns out, also links to 4 step by step videos that show you EXACTLY how to do the system.

Well, here I gotta say that the system Rob discloses is a technique that I was already doing.  I had been doing it for some time.

Robs version of the system was still worth 10 times what I paid.

WHAAAT?  How can that be?

Well, Rob has some tricks up his sleeve to help you execute this system & make it stupid simple.  More importantly he shows how to do about 25 times as much in the same amount of time.  I felt like a dummy.

So what can I say about CashbyChoice system?

  • You don’t need a website
  • There are 4 step by step videos that show the system in detail.
  • You don’t have to be a rocket scientist.  The system is SIMPLE.
  • you DO need to take action (I don’t know of anything that DOESN’T require this by the way!)
  • The costs are LOOOOOOW.  You can implement his system for free or $10/month like I do.

I have been using this system for over a year to create a trickle of income that just keeps coming in.  Rob shows how to turn that into a much larger stream that I have.  THAT is where the value came in for me.

Anyway, I thought it was worth mentioning to my readers.  I am planning on implementing Rob’s tricks and know that they will add THOUSANDS of dollars to my cash flow.

I don’t know about you but I can use it!

Check out the CashbyChoice System.

I gotta go now.  I am off to implement some of these action items and if you think I am kidding…you would be wrong!

Best of success,