Commission Blueprint 2.0 Broke My Printer!

I was one of the very first in line to purchase Commission Blueprint 2.0 (Edit 2011 – Com Blue is off the market but they still offer IMA (Internet Marketing Advantage) which is a fantastic membership site which I belong to as well.)  In no time I realized that this course was a MONSTER course.

Inside I found:

  • Over 50 training videos
  • 23 manuals
  • 11 proven affiliate templates, auto-responder series and more.

I also found 7 HUGE tools so you don’t have to spend another dime if you don’t want to.

  • HippoJaw
  • Keyword Blueprint
  • Article Blueprint
  • Offer Evaluator
  • Ad Optimizer
  • Site Blueprint
  • SERPy Tool

I’ll save what they do for another post, but let’s say for now that Steve and Tim spent over $100K on these tools because THEY wanted to use them.

OK about the printer… I made a 3 ring binder, front cover, spline etc and started printing out the manuals.  I ran that sucker out of ink in nothing flat.  Off to the store and two new cartridges later I now have them all printed out.  But it took all day.  Too bad I hate reading PDFs online.  My office is full of 3 ring binders and my wife is not happy about it. 🙂

Anyway, I already have 3 pages of notes in outline form and I am only part way through chapter two…and that is skipping the beginner stuff. They do a GREAT job of making sure the beginner is covered and yet letting guys like me skip around it.  FANTASTIC!  I wish more people did this.

It occurred to me that my customers might want this so I am adding it to my bonus list for people who purchase through my link.  By the way I limited my bonuses so that I didn’t have to build too many websites for you guys.  Part of them are gone already.  I have some developers that work for me full time but I keep them pretty busy on MY stuff.

Well…I gotta get back to work.  I am having a blast with the Com Blue Two stuff. (Edit 2011 – Check out Steve and Tim’s IMA – Internet Marketing Advantage)  Everything I have seen so far is golden.

You have a great day OK?


Commission Blueprint TWO Is Better Than Chocolate Cake!

That is tough to say too, because I LOVE CHOCOLATE! 🙂

Hey there,

I am sitting here nearly holding my breath waiting on the new Commission Blueprint 2.0 course to go live.  I have quite a bit of insider info on it and know that everyone from beginner to advanced affiliate marketer will benefit from the training.

These boys definitely know what they are doing.  As you probably know from my previous posts that the original Commission Blueprint was my favorite course of 2008.  I fully expect Commission Blueprint Two to be my favorite for 2009.

Steve Clayton is a superb teacher and someone that I understand and relate to quite well.

I think I have purchased everything they have done and see no reason to stop as it has all been my favorites.  I have purchased numerous packages from other internet marketers that a year later I looked back and said to myself that it wasn’t worth it at all.  That did not happen with anything I bought from Steve and Tim.

Anyway you can see my bonus package you will receive if you purchase through my link at Com Blue Bonus

You can go see the videos and all the information at Commission Blueprint Two (Edit 2011 – They closed Com Blue Two now and are promoting IMA for now.  Hey I am a  member of that too.  Great stuff, go watch the video!)

Maybe you’ll see the value or maybe you won’t.  For me it is a no brainer.  If you are serious about making a living online selling other people’s products this is probably the best training money can buy.

Make your own success.


Cover Action Pro 2.0 Makes Great eBook Covers and More…

(Edit – 2011) I took quite a bit of heat for promoting this.  It was way more expensive than similar solutions.  I found it to be top quality and so didn’t worry about it too much.  Still others clobbered me for promoting it.  Well you guys kinda got your revenge because Cover Action Pro dropped their affiliate program and absorbed the remaining commissions themselves.  OK I won’t promote any of his stuff again.  Thank you drive through.  I removed the actual review on the site but still believe the product was good.  Just overpriced.  Marketing wise a ripoff. )

****** original post is below *******

In the world of eBooks these days you have to make a cover that makes your product look professional.  If you are selling software you need a CD cover or DVD cover that makes your product appealing on your sales page.  Of course the latest thing is to have a full blown course that has eBooks, videos and maybe audios too.  If you want to represent these products with virtual eCovers then as far as I am know there is only ONE product on the market that will do all these things.

It used to be called Cover Action Pro.  But now it is called…Cover Action Pro 2.  And it comes in both Standard and Extreme versions.  The Extreme version does the artwork for an entire course with books, DVDs and so on.  It is simply amazing.

I have tested a couple other eCover generators.  In fact you will find a review on my main site.  They did not test well.  I also have a review of Cover Action Pro 2.0 based on what  I know as a JV partner.  You can find the review at CoverAction Pro 2 Review.  If I can get my hands on the product I will add to the review, but even the OLD Cover Action Pro is still the best currently shipping way to make eBook covers in my opinion.

Yes CAP2.0 requires Photoshop.  It is an action that you load into Photoshop.  In fact Photoshop Elements will NOT work.  You must use Photoshop CS2, CS3, or CS4 with Cover Action Pro 2.  But  If you look at my Cover Action Pro 2 Review you will see why this is the best way to make covers.  Of course, if you want to make other graphics elements for your website Photoshop CS4 is probably the best choice anyway.  Some folks prefer Fireworks.  They both do very cool stuff.  I use them both.

You can also just go to the Cover Action Pro 2 Website for more information.  The honest truth is that the last eBook covers we did for any of my sites were done using the old Cover Action Pro and the new one does tons more things.  In fact, before I started using it I paid a lady to make a cover and didn’t like it.  We wound up redoing it with …Yup…Cover Action Pro and it is used now on that other web site.

You may not even need an eBook cover.  I don’t know.  But if you do, this is the 900 pound gorilla of the industry.  All the others are not even close.  So when you see a $27 eCover Generator.  Remember that is what you are going to get.  With Cover Action Pro 2.0 the key word is PROFESSIONAL.

How Do I Make Money Quick On the Internet?

Hi everyone,

Sorry this post is too long…but really if you were asking me for help and the email below was YOUR email you would want a thorough answer, not some quick answer that wouldn’t really help.  If you are already making money online and don’t need any help then don’t bother with this post.  If you are scrambling, worried about your job, your finances and plan on making money on the internet saving you…then read every word.

I just might be able to keep you out of bankruptcy.

I receive emails like the following almost every day.  The economy is hurting and lots of people are heading to the internet to make money.  Who can blame them?  With lots of people making staggering amounts of money online everyone hears about it.  Many want in on it.  Many NEED to make money NOW!

Many folks are worried about scams…as well they should be.

Here is a letter I got from someone I will call “Janet” (not her real name) who really needs help as many do.  I want to help.  So I put together a huge (long winded) response to her.  Then I decided I should share it on my blog because the scenario fits many other emails I get as well.

So here goes…

Hi Rex,

I recently came across your website and wanted to say thank you. Your opinions and your reviews have a feel about them that make you come across as honest and trustworthy, a trait not found very often on the internet these days. And it is because of this “good feeling” I have about you that I wanted your opinion.

I recently lost a significant amount of my income and now find myself in a place of desperation. I have heard many great things about generating a significant amount of money on the internet and I must admit some of the claims have left me feeling skeptical. I am looking to make an additional $500.00 – $1,000.00 dollars a month and unfortunately I need to do it quickly. I have plenty of time to invest but very little internet savvy to apply. Obviously it doesn’t take more than about two minutes to find over one hundred different “opportunities” to help me achieve my goals, most of which I suspect are scams and a waste of time. Your reviews seem honest and sincere to me, and can surely help me to refine my search and get started much sooner than without. I would appreciate any help or advise you can offer to help me get going quickly and successfully. Thank you in advance for your insight and “earned” expertise.


Below is my response to her.

Hi Janet,

You are wise to be skeptical.   A lot of the opportunities out there even if they are NOT scams are much more difficult (especially for the newbie) than they portray in the sales letter.   And to a certain extent who can blame them. Afterall, who wants to buy a product that says “If you work REALLY, REALLY hard we think you MIGHT be able to make a few bucks.   But then again, maybe not.   “ Nope, you aren’t gonna sell many “how to make money” products that way.

The answer to your question is difficult because it very much depends on YOUR skills, desires, tenacity and so much more.   My stock answer is that affiliate marketing (where you sell other people’s products ) is the easiest place to start.

The problem is that you want money NOW!   That is not really likely unless you already have built up some skills online.    While it is entirely possible to make HUGE amounts of money online the more common scenario is that you work essentially for no pay while you learn. That is totally reasonable too…right? It takes 2-4 years to learn another trade or get a college degree and even then you need lots of on the job training to become really successful.  Well internet marketing is really no different.   It is not HARD really, so much as there is a lot of things to learn.

So if you don’t know how to make a website…

If you don’t know how to do pay per click advertising…

If you don’t have a BUDGET to spend for advertising…


You have your work cut out for you.   I am not saying it can’t be done.   It CAN.It just takes an UNBELIEVEABLE amount of tenacity and work to learn all the things needed to make money online.   Sure you see salesletters where it is done everyday.And it IS.But usually there is a hidden piece of info.   Like maybe the scenario “Joe was my best friend so I personally taught him, coached him step by step” secret and then this internet marketer advertises “A student of mine made $10,000 on his FIRST campaign.”So often there is a secret.Or maybe they have $2,000/day they can spend on PPC (pay per click) advertising while they learn.   OH buddy.Not very many newbies will have that budget or SPEND it like that even if they had it.

So where does that leave you?

The SLOW and CHEAP method.   If you have time and little money this is where you are.

A lot of time is needed, but the price is right!   So on the front end you are working for $0-$2/hr hoping to scale that to $300/day.

I get a LOT of questions just like yours.  If I have misread you I apologize.   But since you didn’t indicate any previous internet marketing skills I am going to assume none.

So here is my suggestion as BAD as it may seem.

GET A JOB!!!  (Don’t panic!)  Get ANY job.

Get a job to bring in money for the bills while you learn what to do over the next 6 months.    It would be irresponsible of me to recommend to you to go for the brass ring and have no fallback plan to put food on the table while you learn.   AND it would be irresponsible of YOU to back yourself in a corner where you are going to take your family down the drain if you don’t succeed.   Sorry to be so blunt here, but think of this as tough love.    I am only trying to help here.

I know I am not going to sell as much saying this.  I know other internet marketers are going to say I am wrong.  I know SOME people can instantly make money online.



Internet marketing is a very difficult place to make money in a hurry with no knowledge on the front end. It is a process that you must learn.  I had been doing internet marketing every night and weekend for 2 full years before I went full time.

So I would suggest you get ANY kind of “bring in the money” job so that you can come home and work DILIGENTLY on the skills to get to where you can quit your day job. I believe that you need probably 6 months of working like a dog to get to good spendable income. It could be more or less depending on you and other factors. You can work the job during the day and do internet marketing in the evenings.

The other thing is it is important to FOCUS on a technique that works and not bounce around from one idea to another. I am the product of this particular problem. It is very inefficient. As tempting as it is … DON’T DO IT!


So what are the SLOW methods that are cheap that I recommend so you can get started NOW???

Here are a couple of ideas: (Note that below are affiliate links and I make money if you buy from them…just want you to know.)

If you DON’T have any money to get started:


Cash by Choice Rob Fore gives amazing amounts of information for $7.How to make money without a website of your own and very very little money.I have talked with him numerous times.He is the real deal.While I (personally) I am not a big fan of his MLM send out cards opportunity, I do like his “cash by Choice system” and his monthly mentoring program.   His coaching is $27/month.I started and have NEVER opted out.Highly recommended.By the way, Rob makes multiple 6 figures a year with his distributed approach that he teaches in his monthly coaching. (Edit 2011 – Now promotes SendOutCards)


One Week Marketing by “Pot Pie Girl”. If you want the perspective of how to make money at home from what was a desperate stay at home mom… This is your guide.She is a breath of fresh air and seems as honest as the day is long. Simple how to make money at home with no website building skills using almost free methods.But it does take some work (REMEMBER?)  I HIGHLY recommend her as well.

Pot Pie Girl makes over $150K/year with her methods.


Super Affiliate Handbook: One other GREAT product to teach you about affiliate marketing is Rosalind Gardner’s Super Affiliate Handbook. It has been around awhile but is considered to be one of the classics as far as teaching you how to make money with blogs.She is a retired air traffic controller who makes about a million a year doing this. I have met her in person, seen her speak live and she is smart as can be, nice as can be and a pretty lady to boot.  She inspired my wife to become an internet marketer as well.  Gotta luv that!

If you DO have money to get started:

I include the products below in the “DO have a budget” category because they cost more than $50 to for the course.  (You can usually get in with a cheap trial though). Now if you DO have a budget to work with that helps.  It opens the door to not only a few little more expensive courses, but also an advertising budget.  It doesn’t have to be a lot.  You can do wonders with $20-$30/day advertising budget. (Remember you are planning on making more money than you pay for advertising…at least that’s the plan!)

Insider’s Secrets: (Edit 2011 – Now “Step by Step Guide to Selling Online” )No matter WHAT you buy or learn you will always have more questions. The one that fills the most gaps for most people is also MUCH more expensive. It is by the company started by the late internet icon, Corey Rudl. Now run by Derrek Gehl.  It is reviewed as a “ship to your house” product on my website at It is now an online product so they no longer ship the binders to your house, but the information has been updated immensely. You can get a $2.95 trial or pay $157 one time up front.But it covers everything from A-Z

Commission Blueprint: This was my favorite course of 2008.  It teaches you how to sell information products from Clickbank using PPC (pay per click) marketing.  It teaches so many things and Steve is SUCH a great teacher I MUST include it here.  The only downside to it is that it is missing the ultra, ultra basics.  So it doesn’t do a thorough job explaining how to get a Google AdWords account for example.  They wanted to focus on the important strategies not the how to click your mouse.  Frankly that was a positive for me, because after you get past a certain level of expertise you don’t want to pay over and over again to learn how to use the mouse!  This course teaches a much faster way to make money also, but at the expense of advertising budget.  You MUST have some money to advertise.


All the above are highly recommended.I own them all.I spend ENORMOUS hours learning internet marketing and making money online. So keep that in mind.I have also spent over $20,000 on learning marketing. (How much does college cost?) Plus here the amount of money you can LEARN to make is virtually unlimited if you have the tenacity for it. Sure some people will be lucky.Some people win the lottery. But most of the success stories out here work a lot harder to get where they are then they EVER admit.


Just remember that NO business is like this where you can get in for almost no money. Just try and buy a McDonald’s franchise for $100.It ain’t happening! Even if you could you will probably find you are working for a wage instead of a future. In internet marketing you can slowly build a business that runs a lot on outsourcing and uses less and less of your own time. You can work toward the desirable 4 hour work week.

You absolutely CAN make money on the internet…a LOT of money.  The above is not meant to say that you can’t.  What I am advising is CAUTION!  Make sure that you protect yourself and your family.  Don’t believe all the hype (It is pretty obvious you don’t).  And start learning NOW!

I could go on and on about all this but this post is ridiculously long already.

Now if I haven’t scared you off…welcome to the world of internet marketing. And if you have more questions let me know I will try to answer them.


Best of luck.

Rex Turner

Update on Cash by Choice System

Cash by Choice System

(Edit 2011) Sadly I think this system is gone but Rob is not.  He is out there promoting the fabulous SendOutCards program which is an MLM system that is all about high quality, feel good, fuzzy slippers, apple pie and motherhood.  No evil allowed.  It is a great system.  I miss him being around in internet marketing though.  He is a really fine instructor.  I took personal coaching from him for over a year until he said he ran out of things to teach me.  I think he just wanted to do something different.  Can’t blame him.  I wish him the very best.

********** the original post is below **********

I have written before about Rob Fore’s Cash by Choice System.  I think it is just great!  Well I guess he lost his marbles because he just lowered the price of his system from $17 down to $7.

Yes that’s right $7.

Now personally I think it is as good as many of the $47 programs that are out there.
You know, Rob is too busy making money to go do the “famous guru” thing.  But when he speaks I listen.

If you want to learn a quick and easy way to make money online and a cool advertising trick that is probably WORTH $100 but costs $7 then

Go >>HERE<<

Cash by Choice TemplateIf you are a newbie I GUARANTEE this is worth $7…cmon! If you are experienced I can say …so am I and I still learned some cool stuff in it.  PLUS he keeps updating it as the rules change.
Keep in mind I paid 3 times this much and think it was worth it.

Go get it  >>HERE<<<

I hope you pick it up and enjoy it as much as I did.

Best of success,
RexCash by Choice Videos

PS.  I don’t know how long this offer is good for.  It may only be good for a day or two.  Dunno.

PPS.  Even TODAY I got a single sale for over EIGHT times what this report cost by using the info inside.  Guess I am making my money back huh?
Can’t beat that.

You can get it at: Cash by Choice