Blogging and Pinging

Hello everyone,

I have recently been studying blogging and pinging. I plan to use it to increase traffic to my review site I have found a resource for showing us blogging & pinging challenged people just how to do it STEP BY STEP! Hey this is easy once someone shows you how. As soon as I get this all set up & finish the tests I will let everyone know just how well it’s working.

So stay tuned. After I’m up to speed I’ll let the cat out of the bag on this fantastic resource that will explode your web traffic.

Well that’s just a quick update. I’m going to try to update these a lot more often.

Until next time…


Spam Spiders from Hell

Mega Rant of the week…


OK here’s the way this works. You put up a web site. You want everyone to be able to reach you. So you put your email on some pages.

And along came a spider…

Spam spiders go adrift on the internet sniffing for anything that looks, smells or tastes like an email address. They don’t ask your permission. NOOOooooo. Forget the CANSPAM act. They suck your email address into a big data base & spam the daylights out of it. OR if you are unlucky they SELL your name to another spammer. If you are REALLY, REALLY, REALLY unlucky they sell it to ALL of the spammers in the known universe! This describes the email address on my FIRST website (a music related site).

So that is one way they do it. Another is to use email addresses from user groups & forums. It might be a good idea to use a disposable email account for those.

Did you ever wonder just WHY you needed so darn much Viagra anyway??? It’s because of Spam Spiders. So how do we stomp a spam spider anyway???

Well friends, I am learning. So here are some solutions for you.

1. Convert your emails to the crappy form… Unfortunately you need to put instructions nearby to explain HOW to use it. If you don’t tell everyone to remove the “nospam” part you won’t get half the email from your friends, BUT on the good side you never get spam either. 🙂

A BETTER form is Here all I did was to move the “nospam” to the domain side of the email so the email would bounce IMMEDIATELY from the domain instead of like the first example which has a legal domain. In other words, the first one sends an email that travels through your domain & bounces because it has the wrong email address when it gets to your web host (or ISP). The second form blows up because there is NO DOMAIN by that name. I like this a little better because my web host doesn’t have to deal with it at all. A happy web host (or ISP) is good.

2. A MUCH BETTER form yet is what I am using on my web site now. It uses a Java script to ENCRYPT the email address so that it is total garbage to the spiders. This method replaces your email address with a string of number exactly one mile long & links to a website that decrypts it on the fly. There are two downsides to this method. One is that the other site may be down & keep your email address from being decrypted. The second is that the customer / user may not have Javascripts enabled in his or her browser. I have a check for that too.

Subscribers to the MMR newsletter got a link to the javascript that I use. I often have extra info & freebies for my subscribers. You can be added to the list at You can sign up on the home page.

Well I guess that’s about it for today.

Until next time, here’s to your success.

Ticker Trouble Slows Me Down

Hello everyone,

I just got back from the hospital where I got the heart fine tuned with an ablation surgery. This is where they burn out a short circuit in your heart that is causing an arythmia problem. Fortunately, everything went fine. I appreciate your emails thanks.

This also explains my couple of days of delay on emails while I was in the hospital. Then after I got back a storm hit & we lost power for an entire day. Sheesh! I think I am caught up now so if somehow I missed you let me know.

I am in process of some web site updates which will show up in the next day or so. I am still trying to polish the look.

Again thanks for all your thoughts & prayers. My family & I appreciate you.

Corey Rudl is gone 1971-2005

Good Lord, this is hard for me to swallow, but we just lost Corey Rudl today. Although I didn’t know him personally I was SOOOOO impressed with him & felt that he was a genuinely nice fellow..and smart was an understatement. He was the original marketer that got me off the couch & into the internet business.

As you may know, Corey had a “thing” for cars. Fast cars…top of the line..mostly Ferraris. We don’t know all the details yet, but Corey was killed in a crash as a passenger in a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT on the California Speedway that the San Diego Ferrari club had leased.

You can read more about it here.

Corey was the 900 lb gorilla in the internet marketing world. I have no information as to what will happen with his internet marketing empire.

Blessings to all his family & friends. Corey Rudl was 34 years of age. He will be missed.


Corey Rudl & Researching Reprint Rights

Hello again,

It has been a few days since we updated the blog. I wanted to let you know what is happening at I am working through Corey Rudl’s new “Accelerated Internet Wealth” series video course. I will have a review worked up on it in a few days. In the meantime you might want to check out my review of Corey’s all time best selling course “Insider Secrets”  (Edit 2011 – Now discontinued & replaced by “Step by Step Guide to Selling Online” It is a proven winner.

Also, I have signed up for a reprint rights site where I have access to a massive amounts of ebooks, software and the like. There are a lot of sites out there like this, but I’m pretty happy with this one so far. More on this later.

Well the cat tells me it’s time for bed, so until next time…

May you have the best of success.