My New Shopping Cart & Autoresponder

Hello everyone,

Big updates are coming here at megamarketingreviews. I have signed up with and will be over time adding their many capabilities to my website. I needed to step up to a more professional system for some time as my customer list grows.

Today I am working on newsletter signups. Shortly I will have their autoresponder & broadcast service in place for newsletter signups and newsletter delivery. Unfortunately this MAY require me to TOTALLY update my database.

So the downside is that everyone MAY have to opt-in again. If that is required I won’t make you go through that without some bonus for your trouble! The good news is that this will totally automate my subscribes & unsubscribes which has been only semi-automated up til now. The UPSIDE is that it will allow me more time to concentrate on what is important which is growing the business & reviewing more products.

I will update you as I learn more about this extremely powerful system which contains more than just unlimited autoresponders. It also contains the shopping cart as I bring more products of my own to market. It also has digital download delivery, a credit card gateway, affiliate tracking system and an ad tracking system. I’m probably forgetting something but that is most of it.

You may notice affiliate banners for 1shoppingcart have been added to my site at the bottom of this page & most of my other pages. If your business has been expanding and you need a more professional way to handle newsletters, shopping carts, credit cards, please consider clicking on one of those banners & signing up for their 30 day test drive. It’s only $3.95

Thanks & best of success,
Rex Turner

PS This is the system the big boys use!

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