Make Money While Waiting for a Tow Truck…

Yesterday was one of those days. It started out calm enough. We had purchased my wife a used toy car to drive around to and from work. We love our Lincoln Navigator, lovingly called the Lincoln “Valdez” in reference to its 4 valve per cylinder high output V-8 premium fuel gas guzzler performance. It is a beaut & comfortable, but with our gas prices soaring we picked up a new little buzz bomb Mitsubishi Eclipse Turbo. Yup, it still burns premium but should burn about half as much. AND it should be a lot more fun on a daily basis.
Well I had been piddling with the Eclipse & fixing a few minor things for fun. Then I took it to go pick up my wife for lunch. So far so good. After lunch well let’s just say that things went to hell in a handbasket. After following an old lady for a while who was definitely in the sloooooow mode I punched it to go around the old lady. The turbo kicked in & all hell broke loose. We zipped around her in nothing flat & just as it hit the rev limiter ….nothing….she just died.

Coast over to the side of the road. Back it up off the road & call AAA for a tow. Three lies from AAA about ETA & 2 1/2 hours later we are loading it up on the tow truck.


We had to take it to two different mechanic shops before I found one that could get to it in my lifetime.

We had owned the car less than 48 hours & it was already in the shop. I had “broken” HER new toy and now she had to walk the remaining block to work. No joy for papa!

But here (finally) is the ending of this story. I got back to the house and was plenty PO’ed as you can imagine. I popped the top off a beer & sat down at the computer. I really hadn’t had hardly any time to look at it for 3 days.

Wouldn’t ya know. Those three days had sales for me that were better than most other days for the last month! I seriously had to laugh…and the beer hadn’t even kicked in yet. 🙂

THAT my friend is the eye popper about working on the internet with passive sales income. You can be gone on vacation, working on the car, going to the doctor, mowing the yard or broke down at the side of the road and still make money because you don’t have to be there or even KNOW what is going on except every so often. Sure it depends on your business model. Some PPC activities have to be watched virtually daily. And yes I know you should probably PAY someone to work on the car so you can go design your life but sometimes I find working on the car is FUN and afterall I AM paying someone else to work on the car now, aren’t I? 🙂

Here’s to hoping that your car keeps working and your sales still be up!

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  1. Man…I hate days like that.


    Anonymous | Jun 7, 2008 | Reply

  2. For those of you who emailed me asking what happened to the car. It was a connector that backed loose on the throttle position sensor. So 1 cable tie & $125 of labor & back in business. Coulda been a LOT worse.


    admin | Jun 18, 2008 | Reply

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