Hey You Need to Go Check Blog Rush!

(Edit – 2011 – Blog Rush got discontinued as John just could NOT make this thing work out.  Betwen programming problems and people trying to game the system he found that he was dumping tons of money in for no return.  Sadly it is gone.  I left the review but deactivated the links.)


John Reese (Mr Million Dollar Man) has finally launched the new Blog Rush. You can see it over to the right on my side bar. It has a widget that shows other similar blogs of interest. It has the capability to get your blog advertised in front of THOUSANDS of other bloggers.

IT IS FREE to join. You get thousands of visitors. Hmmmm……

Guess you oughta go sign up at Blog Rush

OR you can click on the tab on the bottom of the widget on the right.

Either way, you will miss out on FREE traffic if you do not sign up.

When John Reese speaks I listen.


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