Google Nemesis Will Catch Fire…

(Edit 2011 – I have cleaned up the blog and removed links to this product as it is gone)


Chris (AKA Day Job Killer) is at it again. This time he created a “pushbutton” system that allegedly allows a total newbie to push buttons until he gets a profit!  He says that NO techie stuff is required.  He said that the major complaint of his Adwords Assassin system was it could be too technical & overwhelming.

Google Nemesis is his solution to those complaints.

The system apparently can be used on other products besides Clickbank products, but Chris does always focus on Clickbank.

There is NO question he is VERY successful.  But he just keeps going over the edge a little further each time.  This time he gives away a $1500/day niche in the free video…idiot!  He shows the keywords, Google account & the website itself.  Remember, that is in the FREE video…you don’t have to buy anything to get this info.  What an eye opener!

That probably wasn’t a smart move, but at least we get the benefit.

Now I have purchased MOST of his products & found them to be very easy to understand and extremely innovative.  He just thinks differently than other folks.

So now he’s come up with Google Nemesis which is apparently a hosted software package that helps you with everything from website creation to testing & tracking.  The system will also come with documentation to explain how it all works, how to choose your niche…everything.  It is an all in one system.

So what do I think?

Well..since at the time of this writing the product is not yet released so I can’t be sure…but based on my previous dealings with Chris I predict this product will catch fire & take off like a rocket.  I recommend at least going over to see his video to see what is going on.

As Chris says…which side of this system do you want to be on?  The side where you are using it or the side where your competitors are using it against you?

Go see the free video for yourself.

This Google Nemesis launches on Tues, July 8th at 3PM EST.

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