Free Links to Your Website From a PR4?

This is really cool. Today I stumbled into a new Web 2.0 style website that is gonna explode.

What is it? It is a website that has a Google PR4 at the time of this writing that allows you to link to your websites for one thing!

Another thing is it allows you to put articles on the website, or just little snippets of information they call intel. (No not the chip maker.) This allows you to associate certain information to your websites as well.

You can review other peoples intel & earn $$ that are used on the website. To boot you can put money making intel on the site & you get to keep 100% of the profits!

It even can ad AdSense to your areas & YOU make the money!

Just how cool is that?

Go check it out. I’m already signed up. You need to use one of the links in this post though because you have to be invited to join. As a reader of my blog I am inviting you!

Go here now it is free.

You might wanna hurry too, because the early worm gets more links so to speak!

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