Follow Me on Twitter or the Dog Dies!…

You said WHAT? OK I’m in trouble now. This is my wife Dara and her Siberian Husky puppy Zeus. Well he WAS a puppy. He’s a 93lb eating machine now. But he’s our BABY!

Nope if you’re looking for violence you came to the wrong spot. If you want to see violence you’d have to see what my wife is gonna do to me when she sees this post! 🙂

So what’s the point?

Twitter is a storm on the horizon. I have really just awakened to the whole Twitter thang. So what the heck IS Twitter? Well…that is hard to explain.

Right now you are looking at a blog. Think of Twitter like a mini-blog. People can “follow” you. You can “follow” them. You can see what they write and they can see what you write. These are little short notes of 140 characters or less. It is kinda like instant messanger too. Hey, you can find well known people to follow and guess what, much of the time they follow you!

The idea is everyone can get to know everyone else better. Naturally, I have gravitated toward the internet marketing crowd or people who are following the internet marketing crowd. You can follow John Reese, Joel Comm, Brad Fallon, and a multitude of others. Sometimes the Twittering (Tweets) turns to Americal Idol or “off to dinner”.

Whatever, come join the fun.

Go sign up at & see for yourself. To say it is addicting is an understatement.

You can follow me at .

Stop by and say hey.

Don’t worry…the dog is safe!

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