Ever Heard of the CashbyChoice System?

(Edit 2011 –  Rob moved this program.  I am not sure where it went.  He has moved on the to the wonderful SendOutCards Program and doing fantastic.  I still keep in touch with him from time to time .  He is a great guy.   I can’t blame him I love the SendOutCards system too.)


I didn’t think so! I hadn’t either.

It started the other day when a friend of mine sent me an email personally endorsing Rob Fore’s CashbyChoice System  and as  I listen pretty much to everything this friend of mine (Jonathan) says.  Ironically Jonathan, tells me that HE listens to everything Rob has to say.

So this is word of mouth advertising.  Ya gotta love it.

Anyway, when I found out how dirt cheap this system was ($17) I had to go look.  After all, Rob is making a MULTIPLE 6 figure income as a super affiliate on the internet.  And Jonathan who is ALSO a super affiliate is recommending him.  This is a pretty good endorsement to me.

And just how long should it take to make my $17 back anyway?  As it turns out…not very long at all.

So I plunked my money down & commenced to read.  I read it last night in about 30 minutes.

Honestly, I must say that this document spoke to me.  It made sense at my deepest levels.  He has a lot of hints about how to be successful online.  In fact, the PDF is very inspirational to me.

His PDF, as it turns out, also links to 4 step by step videos that show you EXACTLY how to do the system.

Well, here I gotta say that the system Rob discloses is a technique that I was already doing.  I had been doing it for some time.

Robs version of the system was still worth 10 times what I paid.

WHAAAT?  How can that be?

Well, Rob has some tricks up his sleeve to help you execute this system & make it stupid simple.  More importantly he shows how to do about 25 times as much in the same amount of time.  I felt like a dummy.

So what can I say about CashbyChoice system?

  • You don’t need a website
  • There are 4 step by step videos that show the system in detail.
  • You don’t have to be a rocket scientist.  The system is SIMPLE.
  • you DO need to take action (I don’t know of anything that DOESN’T require this by the way!)
  • The costs are LOOOOOOW.  You can implement his system for free or $10/month like I do.

I have been using this system for over a year to create a trickle of income that just keeps coming in.  Rob shows how to turn that into a much larger stream that I have.  THAT is where the value came in for me.

Anyway, I thought it was worth mentioning to my readers.  I am planning on implementing Rob’s tricks and know that they will add THOUSANDS of dollars to my cash flow.

I don’t know about you but I can use it!

Check out the CashbyChoice System.

I gotta go now.  I am off to implement some of these action items and if you think I am kidding…you would be wrong!

Best of success,


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