Do You Want to do Screen Captures & Edits for FREE?

Hey everyone,

As I wandered around the internet the other day I stumbled into a resource that looks pretty amazing so far.  As internet marketers most of us are aware of Camtasia by Techsmith & Cam Studio which has many different versions available some for free.

I have Camtasia and Cam Studio.  They both have problems.

Camtasia is a beautiful piece of software & while not intimidating to me, IS confusing to some people.  It has lots of features.

Cam Studio is a low tech version of the same kind of software but is dumbed down & doesn’t work all that well.  Of course, it doesn’t cost much if anything depending on where you get it.  Camtasia, on the other hand is very expensive & out of the reach of many folks financially.

So my discovery (which won’t be new to some of you) is called Jing…or perhaps the Jing Project.  It is also by Techsmith.  It has the ability to do screen captures in both snapshot form or in video form just like Camtasia.  The difference is that it is set up more for social networking.  Yes the ever mentioned Web 2.0.

What that means is that you can, after making a recording, publish the screencapture or video to (also Techsmith) or Flikr or even your own server.  Then you can just send a link to the intended audience who then accesses the video from where ever you put it.  It is simple to use one button click stuff…really.  Pretty cool stuff.

I also forgot to mention you can add text boxes, draw arrows and so on on the video to spruce up your presentation too.

So this is something to download for free.  Give it a try.  Play with it & see if it will work for you.  The website has a number of video tutorials.

Be warned that this is in the beta stage & blew up on me once already but it has worked fine since, so couldn’t tell you yet how solid it will be.

The main points are:

FREE, Easy to do screen captures, FREE, Easy to do Videos, FREE, Easy to publish to the internet even if you don’t have a website by using ScreenCast.  The account is FREE.

Did I mention everything is FREE?

Check it out & see if this can help you in your marketing efforts.
Let me know how it works out for you.

Best of success,
Rex Turner

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