Commission Blueprint 2.0 Broke My Printer!

I was one of the very first in line to purchase Commission Blueprint 2.0 (Edit 2011 – Com Blue is off the market but they still offer IMA (Internet Marketing Advantage) which is a fantastic membership site which I belong to as well.)  In no time I realized that this course was a MONSTER course.

Inside I found:

  • Over 50 training videos
  • 23 manuals
  • 11 proven affiliate templates, auto-responder series and more.

I also found 7 HUGE tools so you don’t have to spend another dime if you don’t want to.

  • HippoJaw
  • Keyword Blueprint
  • Article Blueprint
  • Offer Evaluator
  • Ad Optimizer
  • Site Blueprint
  • SERPy Tool

I’ll save what they do for another post, but let’s say for now that Steve and Tim spent over $100K on these tools because THEY wanted to use them.

OK about the printer… I made a 3 ring binder, front cover, spline etc and started printing out the manuals.  I ran that sucker out of ink in nothing flat.  Off to the store and two new cartridges later I now have them all printed out.  But it took all day.  Too bad I hate reading PDFs online.  My office is full of 3 ring binders and my wife is not happy about it. 🙂

Anyway, I already have 3 pages of notes in outline form and I am only part way through chapter two…and that is skipping the beginner stuff. They do a GREAT job of making sure the beginner is covered and yet letting guys like me skip around it.  FANTASTIC!  I wish more people did this.

It occurred to me that my customers might want this so I am adding it to my bonus list for people who purchase through my link.  By the way I limited my bonuses so that I didn’t have to build too many websites for you guys.  Part of them are gone already.  I have some developers that work for me full time but I keep them pretty busy on MY stuff.

Well…I gotta get back to work.  I am having a blast with the Com Blue Two stuff. (Edit 2011 – Check out Steve and Tim’s IMA – Internet Marketing Advantage)  Everything I have seen so far is golden.

You have a great day OK?


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  1. You are absolutely right. Article Blueprint is a HUGE benefit and comes with the Commission Blueprint 2.0. It helps you submit and spin articles. Once again Steve and Tim hit it out of the ballpark.


    admin | Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

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