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The Arbitrage Conspiracy Launch Was a Cluster »

I am not sure who, what, when or where but there DEFINITELY was SOME kind of conspiracy at work here.  Many of the big launches over the last year or so have been so huge that they had server problems and so on. The Arbitrage Conspiracy Launch set some new records in that department as […]

Which PPC Course is the Best? »

(Edit 2011 ) Where are we at here?  Commission Blueprint is a discontinued product.  It was a TOP nothc product in its day.  Things have changed too much and so Steve and Tim plan on updating the course, but for now, it is gone. I can’t wait to see what Steve and Tim do here.  […]

Google Nemesis Will Catch Fire… »

(Edit 2011 – I have cleaned up the blog and removed links to this product as it is gone) ************************ Chris (AKA Day Job Killer) is at it again. This time he created a “pushbutton” system that allegedly allows a total newbie to push buttons until he gets a profit!  He says that NO techie […]

The Wizard of OZ is the Traffic King…and He’s Baaack! »

Well lookie here.  John Reese is back.  He has been promising his new Traffic Secrets 2.0 (Edit 2011 – after all that waiting it is gone already) for MONTHS or is it years?  I am super excited to inform you that he has told us (his loyal affiliates) that he is ready.  It is done or […]

Rex Jumps In With Both Feet! »

I just realized that while I sent the announcement out to my in-house list, I never posted my plans to my blog. You see 2008 is going to be a very big year for me and my loved ones. But first let me digress… and hang on to yer hat as this is a LONGGG […]