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Secret Back Door for Commission Blueprint 2.0 »

Hey everyone, I am now finishing up Module 6. Oh MY! I have 20 pages of notes. Today I didn’t work on it though because I took the day taking ACTION on some of the items that were covered in Module 6. I did a couple of things today that I would not have done […]

Commission Blueprint 2.0 Broke My Printer! »

I was one of the very first in line to purchase Commission Blueprint 2.0 (Edit 2011 – Com Blue is off the market but they still offer IMA (Internet Marketing Advantage) which is a fantastic membership site which I belong to as well.)  In no time I realized that this course was a MONSTER course. […]

Commission Blueprint TWO Is Better Than Chocolate Cake! »

That is tough to say too, because I LOVE CHOCOLATE! 🙂 Hey there, I am sitting here nearly holding my breath waiting on the new Commission Blueprint 2.0 course to go live.  I have quite a bit of insider info on it and know that everyone from beginner to advanced affiliate marketer will benefit from […]

Cover Action Pro 2.0 Makes Great eBook Covers and More… »

(Edit – 2011) I took quite a bit of heat for promoting this.  It was way more expensive than similar solutions.  I found it to be top quality and so didn’t worry about it too much.  Still others clobbered me for promoting it.  Well you guys kinda got your revenge because Cover Action Pro dropped […]

How Do I Make Money Quick On the Internet? »

Hi everyone, Sorry this post is too long…but really if you were asking me for help and the email below was YOUR email you would want a thorough answer, not some quick answer that wouldn’t really help.  If you are already making money online and don’t need any help then don’t bother with this post.  […]