Boy I am in trouble now…

I just finished reviewing a VERY controversial product called “Get Google Ads for Free!”If you are in a hurry you can go straight to the product page at: (Edit 2011 – cleaning up stuff and this is gone)

The internet is buzzing with people from both sides of the fence.

“He’s a scam.” “He’s tricking Google.”

“The idea was so simple I couldn’t believe it”.

Most people are on one side or the other. Not much in between. This guy has a BUNCH of people really upset. So go read my review where I blast this story wide open. Let me save you some heartburn.

Read the review here: Edit 2011 – Product is no longer available.

May you have the best of success.

Rex Turner

PS. You can also hear what Dr. Jon says in his own words in the audio player at the bottom of the review.

PPS. Be sure & read my PPS at the bottom of my review for an update.(Edit 2011 – product is no longer available)

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