ASM-Amazing Selling Machine Part2


In my previous post I compared ASM to DSDomination and college. I have done all three and in my mind ASM comes out on top in the long run. You are building a business not a job.

 Requirements for success using this business model:

  • Not a “Get Rich Scheme” – This is not typically a “get rich quick scheme”.  It HAS happened but really this is a “do the work, get the results” business.  Badges inside the member’s area are used as an incentive to track your progress and inspire others.   Some have reported in excess of a million per month. Sadly I didn’t get screenshots of those so you will have to suffer through screenshots like below.

300K Earnings

This has been going on for MONTHS and MONTHS.  I personally love the badge incentives.  I guess the old boy scout in me is coming to the surface.  You get to communicate with these folks on the FB group also.  Earnings reports are published all the time in the FB group.  This community is always ready to help and answer your questions.

  • Patience – going too fast can lead to errors that take awhile to fix.  I liken it to turning a large ship.  It takes awhile.  If you chose a product that no one wants, or your chosen supplier delivers junk then you may have to start over.


That sounds awful I know, but after you have gone through the process once you can do it 4 or 5 times faster the second time and even faster the next time.  Like you would expect it just gets easier each time and your business grows and grows.

  • Tenacity – The people who work the system and keep plugging away win the race.  Think of the story of the tortoise and the hare.  A burst on the front end does not make up for tenacity.  Keep at it and you will win.  Sure some people choose products poorly or write one press release and think they are done.  The FB group will help straighten you out.  It is full of people who have been there and done that.
  •  Funds – You need funds not only for purchasing the ASM membership but you will need funds to buy your products to sell and potentially some paid advertising if you want expand your business faster.  Of course this can all be done on credit cards or any other creative method you can devise.  (That is what I did.) But keep in mind you are not likelyto pay it off in 30 days. 

    151K Earnings

    Yes, I know the internet is full of schemes that say they will have you in the dough in 30 days or less.  I personally have not witnessed that working.  Some have but for me it took about a month after getting the products in stock to making many sales at all.  But if you work the system it can work for you.  Again it did for me.  ASM has so much social proof that it makes my head swim.  Just an hour in the FB group will open your eyes to people who are succeeding big time.

But it takes time.  It takes work.  GASP!  🙂 The good news it isn’t digging ditches and sure it is work but this work builds a business for you.  Standard jobs do not.

  • Follow Instructions – The ability to watch videos, read PDFs and follow instructions.
  • The ability to suspend fear.  This business has worked for MANY people.  I of course can’t guarantee your results.  Hell, MY earnings are not as good as these folks shown above, but I got really going before Christmas 2014 and already make thousands of dollars of sales every month.  If I keep at it then growth will keep happening.

More to come in my next ASM post!


In the meantime be sure to check out Video number 2 about Suppliers and Automation.


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