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(Edit 2011) As I have stated in other posts Arbitrage Conspiracy turned out to be a giant cluster to the end.  The arrogance of Ayman was staggering.  He insisted that they were delivering tremendous value and railed against anyone or anything that suggested otherwise.  The forum got full of complaints and then disappeared for “improvements”.  We all knew why it disappeared REEEEALLY.   Later, Ayman stated that they realized they had not taught the course appropriately.  No kidding.  They spent a TON of effort making sure you couldn’t download their crap “videos” which really had no video content.  The PDFs were a joke.  They were 1-3 pages of slide that were onscreen for an hour while instruction was delivered verbally.  I am sure that some people who see Aymen at an internet marketing event will gladly punch him in the face.  Can’t say I blame them as refunds were almost non-existant.  Unhappy customers were not.  Add me to that list.

Ayman promised to update the course.  OK they updated the graphics and wanted to sell more but the content NEVER got updated to my knowledge.

Next Ayman approached me to promote a new product of his.  I couldn’t hit the “unsubscribe” link fast enough.  Never again buddy!

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The folks at Arbitrage Conspiracy have started to redeem themselves.  You may recall from my previous post about the launch problems that were “Titanic” in nature.  Well, it took them a while to sort it all out, but I must say they have started providing us with content now.

My bad is your good…

So what does that mean?  It means that I am disappointed in the fact that the main course will not start until January 5th.

That is BAD!

However, that means that you have time to get in before the classes start.  They want to let everyone get the holidays out of the way and have all of us start on the same day.

That’s good!  But I wanna go NOWWWWWWWWW!

I have been talking with some of the internet acquaintances that I have who know the guys over at Arbitrage Conspiracy.  I am convinced.  Aymen DOES make the kind of money that is claimed.  Some of my friends have actually looked over his shoulder as he logged into his account.

They were blown away.

Realize this is a friend of mine who BLOWS ME AWAY!

So what I am finding out is that the guys who already make $10K-$50K a month are signed up.  I initially thought that this would NOT be for beginners.

It looks like I *may* be wrong.

Now that I can log in to the members area I see that the overview videos discuss newbies quite a bit.  They are most definitely planning on trying to launch the newbies into orbit (financially).

I wished I had a ton of information on the Arbitrage Conspiracy for you but at this time I don’t.  The classes haven’t started although we have a conference call today.  They are going to cover the course outline and some specific questions will be answered.

I do know they are getting to add a ton more of high end bonuses too.

The fact is that there already about 1750 members.  YOUCH!  That is at $2000.  DOUBLE YOUCH!  Some of that money is coming from guys already making $50K a month.  They want to know how to get to $50K a DAY.

I know I would settle for a little less than that.  How about you?

I hope to see some of you over in the Arbitrage Conspiracy members area.

Even if you KNOW you aren’t interested you should probably go check out the free content, videos and so on.  The sad fact is that by the time I know how good (or bad) this course is it will be sold out.The sad fact is that by the time I know how good (or bad) this course is it will be sold out.  I am not remotely worried myself, because I am confident in the people behind the scenes and the 100% moneyback guarantee is bulletproof.

Best of success,


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