Another Great Resource for Internet Marketing

Probably a year ago I purchased a product from John Thornhill at PlanetSMS which is a resale rights eBay site.

I thought we were done.

No…He kept sending out emails with tips & tricks. They had a soothing tone to them.

I never unsubscribed.

He has just come out with a “digital mentorship” program that is priced at $10. This fellow from the UK really knows how to make money so I couldn’t hit the mouse clicker fast enough….

See at

I mean it. At $10 I already got my money back in spades. The first video alone will be worth $100 just this week.

John will take you by the hand & lead you every month for just $10. Just ONE of his PDFs or videos could make you money.

Oh did I forget to mention the money back guarantee and the bonuses he offers??

You really can’t lose.

Best of success,
Rex Turner

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