Amazing Selling Machine – Will This Work For Me?

If you have been following my posts one Amazing Selling Machine, one question that probably comes to your mind is “Will ASM Work for Me?”

Of course nobody knows for certainty how hard you will work or how tenacious you are.  So nobody can promise that you will succeed.  But if you do the work, I believe you will succeed.

ASM covers a lot of difference scenarios such as:

  1.  Someone who has NEVER sold a thing online and doesn’t have a clue.
  2.  Someone who already has a company’
  3.  Someone who has no company but already sells products online.
  4.  Someone who has a company and already sells products online.

How is that possible?  Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback know that to handle these different scenarios that they have to have training for different people with different needs.

For example, if you live internationally they have videos and PDFs that help you solve specific problems related to living overseas.

Another example… they address how to create a company, how to start with very little money, how to launch your new product, what is the best way to choose a second product and much, much more.

OK “Sure, you say that it is comprehensive but I have seen other courses that are much less money that claims to cover selling on Amazon. What’s the difference?”  Right, it might look that way, but will you REALLY get what you need with those cheapo courses? I have most of them and they just cover the basics and most have no support.  I tried to count all the videos in ASM and stopped counting at 142 videos.  I know there are a lot more than that when you count bonuses especially.

But what happens when come up with a question that isn’t in those videos?  GREAT question!

I promise you that you will get those questions too.  Or you will simply miss something in the lessons.  That is where ASM support and the FB group comes in to the rescue.

And there are over 7,000 ACTIVE members.  Not just sign ups.  I love it when I see people post their earnings on this group too.  Many of them show ONE sale and are on cloud 9 because they have just made their first sale ever.  That first sale PROVED to them that this works.  Then about 50 or more people congratulate them on their achievement. n What a supportive group!

I have to admit the FB group is one of the biggest reasons to join.  Amazon changes things a lot.  So the FB group is where a lot of the updates happen.  You won’t get that from some cheapie course.

And if you are not a member of Facebook (you should be) then there is also an ASM forum where questions get answered as well.  Matt and Jason have it all covered.  You have questions they have answers.  In fact there are “mentors” who are highly trained and successful members who constantly are trying to help any member who asks for it.  You will find them on the forum and FB group all the time.

Video 3 will be available (April 20th, 2015) at 9:00 a.m. EST  Go check it out!

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