Amazing Selling Machine or DSDomination?


RexIf you had followed me in the past you know this blog has been pretty much dead now for awhile.  Why is that?

Did I just not care anymore?  Too much to promote junk actually.

There were several reasons actually.

The world of affiliate marketing changed a LOT.

  1. New products show up, get promoted and die within a matter of a couple of weeks.
  2. It takes a lot of time to review a product only to have it die as soon as your review is done.
  3. I had become jaded because so many of the products out there simply weren’t very good.
  4. I have moved on to another business model.

So let’s address those.

Here today … gone tomorrow:

New products are introduced at a frantic rate because their payday is on that short 2 week time frame.  So product producers are living product to product or their income dies.

Need to see the product before I promote:

You may remember I don’t like to promote a product that I haven’t used.  Most of the people who are promoting them started promoting them before they see product.  I just don’t want to do that.  I will though if I have super high confidence through personal contact with the creator and experience with previous products for example.  But I am not one to go searching in Clickbank for just any old product to promote.


So many of the products even when I worked my tail off on the system didn’t work as advertised or more often did a *little* but were overhyped to the point of being ridiculous.  The other problem is that so many were teaching just one tactic or method.  It wasn’t complete.  So many of my customers were beginners and wanted to know the WHOLE system and how to make money.

My new business model:

I screwed up.  I admit it.  I spent FAR too long playing with these “systems” that were based on loopholes, crazy tactics and dreams.  So a year or so ago I went back to something I was familiar with which was eBay.

I joined a program called DS Domination.  It worked.  However there was a ton of hype and they were constantly upselling the next module.  It was adding up to some serious money.  Further I found some of there tactics distasteful.  I felt that they took advantage of people (customers).  It was all based on arbitrage.  Find a product to buy at some online store and sell it on eBay with a big markup.  It was all dropshipped.  You didn’t control the product quality and half the time after the customer complains you found out the product was crap. Further some of the eBay customers scammed me. I lost the product, the income from the sale and still owed a significant dollar amount to the dropshipper. Good stuff. I really hate evil bastards that feel that to get ahead they must scam others. But I digress.

Then since you were all selling the same products it became like a pool of piranha eating each other spiraling into the lowest price until no one made any money.

I found out that I dreaded when something would sell because half the time it would turn out to be out of stock.  Then you were left explaining to the customer you didn’t have the product you were selling.

It was just an ugly business and I was working a J.O.B.  If I stopped working the system the money stopped.

But I did make money doing it.  Just not a lot and I don’t like taking advantage of people.  As I said I felt that their basic system does.  I liked the people running it and learned lots of things.  It just wasn’t for me.  As I said the pressure to buy some upsell every other week had a lot to do with it as well.

Then I Rediscovered ASM – The Amazing Selling Machine

selling on amazonActually let me tell the truth.  I really purchased the original version of this called AMM (Amazon Money Machine).  I did what all idiots do.  I ignored it.  Paid good money for it and let it sit while I took off working on DSDomination.  HUGE, HUGE mistake.

I thought I could start making some money almost instantly.  Well I did within a month but I worked my tail off and at the end of the day, if I stopped working the money stopped as well.

The proponents of DSDomination will make it sound like ASM is an bloated overpriced course.  Hey it IS pricey.  So is DSDomination when you buy the upsells.  So is going to college.  Even 1 semester in college costs WAY more than ASM.  Yea, I did that college thing and with a BSEE it served me well for 35 years.  Funny thing… If I stopped working.  The money stopped.  Recurring theme!

I am not one to discourage going to college.  It does cost a ton of money & getting to be more every day.  But fact is, your REAL learning comes after you get out of school.  The money college costs is many, many more times what ASM costs.  College helps you get a J.O.B.

ASM is basically about selling YOUR products on Amazon.  Not a generic thing that everyone else is selling.  Also, Amazon isn’t the end of the line.  It is just the beginning.  It is just the first step toward financial freedom and lifestyle freedom.  Amazon is just a marketplace where you start.

The traffic is already there on Amazon.  People are there to BUY things.  It has a built in review platform that gives people confidence in the product.  It is nearly perfect.

What’s the difference?

The difference between ASM, DSDomination and college is that ASM takes you by the hand and shows you step by step how to build your OWN business.

There is also a user forum and a Facebook group that are spectacular resources.

OU-campusCollege does not show you how to build your own business.  It teaches you a discipline like in my case electrical engineering.  With some extra development you CAN turn it into a business.  Lawyers for example can start their own law firm but most start working for other law firms at the beginning.

DSDomination as I explained *almost* shows you to create a business but in my opinion actually shows you how to create a home based “job”.  Many are satisfied with that.  I understand.  That is enough freedom for some people.  Not me!

But I came to realize that with an affiliate business and even with DSDomination I didn’t have an ASSET that I could sell.  How do you sell something that is based on YOU and doesn’t have any products created by YOU?

Some of the wiser entrepreneurs say “Begin with the end in mind!”  I know that for many young people just having a job is enough.  But I want a true business.

Further… I want to control the product I am selling.  You never have TOTAL control.  In electronics someone can always sell you a bad component that you put into your TV or whatever.  But if you manufacture the product or it is built under contract for you, then you have so much more control than if you drop ship a TV from another store.

Your-Brand-HereI wanted to build a brand, something that I controlled and could be proud of.  ASM taught me how to do that.  EVEN after I purchased ASM I still purchased just about everything from other marketers  that was on the topic of selling products on Amazon.  Not ONE of them could even remotely touch what ASM teaches.  Not one, not even a little bit. Of course they didn’t cost as much but frankly they weren’t that helpful either. So don’t expect some other product you can purchase for less money as being equivalent. It’s not.

On top of what ASM teaches there are numerous software tools and the most interactive Facebook group I have ever been a member of.  There are literally thousands of people in the group just waiting to help with your questions.  People are so anxious to help.  It is Amazing for sure.

Tomorrow I will send an email with a link to get you access to the pre-launch videos and explain about my bonuses if you purchase through my link.  Let me say others may offer what appear to be BIGGER bonuses, but I will be offering personalized help and more…

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  1. Interesting,my one question always at first when I read something like this is cost, What’s it going to cost me?

    Ricky Mashaw | Apr 18, 2015 | Reply

  2. Hi Ricky,
    Since they have not released that to the general public I am not sure I should yet. I will say it is a four digit price tag and if you keep following their video series I am sure they will release the actual price shortly and in the meantime you can learn a lot for free.

    I know the price is an issue for many people. And as I said there are additional expenses, buying products to sell for example.. It IS an investment in yourself for you and your family’s future.

    But here is the way I look at it. An estimate to get a food franchise and the associated setup costs is shown HERE. McDonald’s is about $300K, Subway > $100K etc. You have just bought yourself a “JOB”.

    The ASM business by comparison can be done from anywhere in the world where you have internet access. Your “work” for this business can be done from the couch, home office, at a cabin in the mountains or in China. Doesn’t matter.

    The “average” cost of tuition for college according to is about $35K per year. Even after 4 years of college you didn’t create a business, you created an opportunity for a JOB.

    With this business you can start making money withing months while you are still learning….or at least I did.

    I have purchased a LOT of course to make money from home due to us taking care of aging parents. We wanted to be able to stay at home to care for them. I can say without question this is the most step by step and most complete course I have ever purchased.

    I went to one of their LIVE events in Vegas last year. There were 3000 people there. It was a fantastic event, lots of great training and I walked out there invigorated and enthused. These guys really participate in your success.

    I know that didn’t completely answer the cost question but it will get you an idea. I hope that answers “some” of your questions. And keep watching the videos and they will fill in a lot more blanks for you.

    Regardless of your decision, I wish you all the best.


    admin | Apr 18, 2015 | Reply

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