A Brand NEW Private Label Rights Website Review

Hello everyone,

Tonight I purchased my membership to a new private label rights website. And when I say NEW, it just opened up today. Well its not “A” site. It is SEVEN of them. I know, I know… there are a lot of PLR websites out there. Well this one really caught me off guard. This thing is like killing flies with a hammer. It just isn’t fair. I couldn’t BELIEVE just how much stuff they have to offer.

If you are in a hurry you can check it out now by clicking here (Edit 2011 – Sorry it is long gone!).

How about:

– 1,000 (that’s right 1000) unique hand written articles each month
– PLR Article Rewriter Software (so your article is unique & not subject to duplicate content penalties)
– 25 new reports each month
– 100’s of custom niche graphics and PLR Repackaging Graphics
– 90 Web HTML templates
– 27 E-book Products – Ready to Go – including monthly updates
– email minicourses to put into autoresponders
– 12 Software and Scripts Products – Ready to Go – including monthly updates

So what do you DO with all this stuff? You make content rich websites that are designed to attract free search engine traffic. Then you can monetize it with AdSense, Amazon, affiliate products. You name it. New fresh content is the name of the game. These articles cover many of the high paying keyword niche markets.

You know the drill. I don’t recommend something unless I believe in it. Granted I haven’t had a lot of time to look at it, but here is what I saw.

I opened up articles that were in the sweet spot of around 450 words per article. Then each article told you the keyword it was designed for AND the keyword density. Very nice. Much of the software is something I already own and paid a LOT more for I might add. Fortunately there was some that I didn’t have that made it worth it. The graphics were cool etc etc.

Heck there is even a FULL 30 DAY GUARANTEE so you CAN’T lose.

I need to get this out because this site opened up today & has already sold almost half of the memberships. I wanted my members to have a chance to get it. So go check it out.

I may write some more on this tomorrow, but I gotta get this out now before it is too late.

May you have the best of success,

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