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Amazing Selling Machine – Will This Work For Me? »

If you have been following my posts one Amazing Selling Machine, one question that probably comes to your mind is “Will ASM Work for Me?” Of course nobody knows for certainty how hard you will work or how tenacious you are.  So nobody can promise that you will succeed.  But if you do the work, […]

ASM-Amazing Selling Machine Part2 »

  In my previous post I compared ASM to DSDomination and college. I have done all three and in my mind ASM comes out on top in the long run. You are building a business not a job.  Requirements for success using this business model: Not a “Get Rich Scheme” – This is not typically […]

Amazing Selling Machine or DSDomination? »

  If you had followed me in the past you know this blog has been pretty much dead now for awhile.  Why is that? Did I just not care anymore?  Too much to promote junk actually. There were several reasons actually. The world of affiliate marketing changed a LOT. New products show up, get promoted […]