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Arbitrage Conspiracy Social Proof »

(Edit 2011) As I have stated in other posts Arbitrage Conspiracy turned out to be a giant cluster to the end.  The arrogance of Ayman was staggering.  He insisted that they were delivering tremendous value and railed against anyone or anything that suggested otherwise.  The forum got full of complaints and then disappeared for “improvements”.  […]

The Arbitrage Conspiracy Launch Was a Cluster »

I am not sure who, what, when or where but there DEFINITELY was SOME kind of conspiracy at work here.  Many of the big launches over the last year or so have been so huge that they had server problems and so on. The Arbitrage Conspiracy Launch set some new records in that department as […]

The Best PPC Course Part 2 »

I can only tell ya that I put up that last post, I think around 2AM.  So in my tired state I screwed up a couple of things.  I know that won’t surprise many of you. First.  I TOTALLY left out another PPC course which is PPC Classroom.  I was an original member of PPC […]

Which PPC Course is the Best? »

(Edit 2011 ) Where are we at here?  Commission Blueprint is a discontinued product.  It was a TOP nothc product in its day.  Things have changed too much and so Steve and Tim plan on updating the course, but for now, it is gone. I can’t wait to see what Steve and Tim do here.  […]