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Traffic Secrets 2.0 Arrives Tomorrow! »

I am not going to put a lot of information here because I already put what I know on my webpage normally for review.  But since I don’t have the product yet (it will be coming) I can only tell you so much. I can tell you I will have a HECK of a bonus […]

Google Nemesis Will Catch Fire… »

(Edit 2011 – I have cleaned up the blog and removed links to this product as it is gone) ************************ Chris (AKA Day Job Killer) is at it again. This time he created a “pushbutton” system that allegedly allows a total newbie to push buttons until he gets a profit!  He says that NO techie […]

The Wizard of OZ is the Traffic King…and He’s Baaack! »

Well lookie here.  John Reese is back.  He has been promising his new Traffic Secrets 2.0 (Edit 2011 – after all that waiting it is gone already) for MONTHS or is it years?  I am super excited to inform you that he has told us (his loyal affiliates) that he is ready.  It is done or […]