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Do You Want to do Screen Captures & Edits for FREE? »

Hey everyone, As I wandered around the internet the other day I stumbled into a resource that looks pretty amazing so far.  As internet marketers most of us are aware of Camtasia by Techsmith & Cam Studio which has many different versions available some for free. I have Camtasia and Cam Studio.  They both have […]

The Blog Comes Back from the Dead! »

On Sunday 6/8/08 the new MegaMarketingReviews Blog came online. I couldn’t stand using Blogger any more. My features were limited. The FTP took forever to update my website or didn’t work at all. I could go on a tirade but what’s the point? The point is that this is a real business to me & […]

Make Money While Waiting for a Tow Truck… »

Yesterday was one of those days. It started out calm enough. We had purchased my wife a used toy car to drive around to and from work. We love our Lincoln Navigator, lovingly called the Lincoln “Valdez” in reference to its 4 valve per cylinder high output V-8 premium fuel gas guzzler performance. It is […]