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Well I am finding life is still not perfect in paradise. I have implemented the double opt-in with my shopping cart system. It gave me a go of it though. There are so many features in this software that setting up the autoresponders from the START is a big deal. Moving your database from one system to another has pitfalls. So far I’ve stepped into a few of them.

I put in 4 customer service tickets this weekend asking questions. Unfortunately the ticket system combined 3 of my tickets into 1 so things got confusing, so I simply called them. I was on the phone with a real live person in about 5 seconds. WOW! He was courteous & able to answer all of my questions except one that one of the other tech support people was working on.

All the big boys seem to use this system, but I found several chinks in the armor within 24 hours of setting up shop. I think I have a work-around for everything so far even though I didn’t like the original answer. But best I can tell this system is the best out there. I am open to anyone else who know of a better one, but I know many of the biggies who use this or Salesautomator which is just Frank Kern’s reselling of 1shopping cart. So it is the same thing. So is Marketer’s Choice. It’s still just 1shopping cart.

Well that’s about it for today. I am determined to keep this up better than the past.

So I’m sure by now you’ve figured out that you will probably hear more stories about the transition to 1shoppingcart. Hey so far I am still a fan. I was so confident of it I signed up for a year already. You might try the 30 day trial for $3.95. Click on the banner at the bottom of the page to go try it out for just $3.95. Just like me you have to ask are you going to kick it up a notch or just sit there?

Best of success.
Rex Turner

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  1. People who recommend this cart actually often get kickbacks for doing so so it’s good to take kudos with a grain of salt.

    I’ve had a nightmare experience with 1 Shopping Cart. I’ve opened 5 customer service tickets in the past 2 days and the issues are still not resolved. They seem to have constant bugs in the software.

    I depend on this cart for my livelihood and am not comfortable with it. I pay for ALL of the options and use them all including selling downloadables, products, seminars, etc.

    One of the worst features is ease of getting new manual signsup (where they write on a list) into your system. You could put into another database and import but even so it sometimes messes up the fields. But if you want to put a big list, more than 10, the system will repeatedly log you out because they don’t want you to do manual entries for fear of spam. Even if you can show them the list where people signed up, they won’t NOT flag you as a spammer.

    I wonder why they even have the option for manually adding people if you can’t use it.

    I’m VERY upset at having this cart and resent those who recommended it who are getting a kickback every month from other’s payments. Finding a new cart and transferring over is a pain but I can’t wait to do it.

    Steer clear of 1 Shopping Cart. Not worth the hassle if you expect to be an internet success.

    Kathryn | Mar 29, 2007 | Reply

  2. Thanks for your comments Kathryn,

    Yes 1Shoppingcart can be frustrating. I have worked through most of my problems, however & feel better about them. I am an affiliate of theirs but don’t push & as you see am willing to say it is not perfect.

    Like you I pay for the whole enchilada. Unlike you I don’t use it all. I will probably transition to AWEBER for the autoresponder aspect.

    I went into it with not much experience & made it work for me but it was painful…and too expensive for what features I use.

    I would be interested in other people’s experiences as well.


    Rex Turner | Mar 29, 2007 | Reply

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