Amazing Selling Machine – Will This Work For Me?

If you have been following my posts one Amazing Selling Machine, one question that probably comes to your mind is “Will ASM Work for Me?”

Of course nobody knows for certainty how hard you will work or how tenacious you are.  So nobody can promise that you will succeed.  But if you do the work, I believe you will succeed.

ASM covers a lot of difference scenarios such as:

  1.  Someone who has NEVER sold a thing online and doesn’t have a clue.
  2.  Someone who already has a company’
  3.  Someone who has no company but already sells products online.
  4.  Someone who has a company and already sells products online.

How is that possible?  Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback know that to handle these different scenarios that they have to have training for different people with different needs.

For example, if you live internationally they have videos and PDFs that help you solve specific problems related to living overseas.

Another example… they address how to create a company, how to start with very little money, how to launch your new product, what is the best way to choose a second product and much, much more.

OK “Sure, you say that it is comprehensive but I have seen other courses that are much less money that claims to cover selling on Amazon. What’s the difference?”  Right, it might look that way, but will you REALLY get what you need with those cheapo courses? I have most of them and they just cover the basics and most have no support.  I tried to count all the videos in ASM and stopped counting at 142 videos.  I know there are a lot more than that when you count bonuses especially.

But what happens when come up with a question that isn’t in those videos?  GREAT question!

I promise you that you will get those questions too.  Or you will simply miss something in the lessons.  That is where ASM support and the FB group comes in to the rescue.

And there are over 7,000 ACTIVE members.  Not just sign ups.  I love it when I see people post their earnings on this group too.  Many of them show ONE sale and are on cloud 9 because they have just made their first sale ever.  That first sale PROVED to them that this works.  Then about 50 or more people congratulate them on their achievement. n What a supportive group!

I have to admit the FB group is one of the biggest reasons to join.  Amazon changes things a lot.  So the FB group is where a lot of the updates happen.  You won’t get that from some cheapie course.

And if you are not a member of Facebook (you should be) then there is also an ASM forum where questions get answered as well.  Matt and Jason have it all covered.  You have questions they have answers.  In fact there are “mentors” who are highly trained and successful members who constantly are trying to help any member who asks for it.  You will find them on the forum and FB group all the time.

Video 3 will be available (April 20th, 2015) at 9:00 a.m. EST  Go check it out!

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ASM-Amazing Selling Machine Part2


In my previous post I compared ASM to DSDomination and college. I have done all three and in my mind ASM comes out on top in the long run. You are building a business not a job.

 Requirements for success using this business model:

  • Not a “Get Rich Scheme” – This is not typically a “get rich quick scheme”.  It HAS happened but really this is a “do the work, get the results” business.  Badges inside the member’s area are used as an incentive to track your progress and inspire others.   Some have reported in excess of a million per month. Sadly I didn’t get screenshots of those so you will have to suffer through screenshots like below.

300K Earnings

This has been going on for MONTHS and MONTHS.  I personally love the badge incentives.  I guess the old boy scout in me is coming to the surface.  You get to communicate with these folks on the FB group also.  Earnings reports are published all the time in the FB group.  This community is always ready to help and answer your questions.

  • Patience – going too fast can lead to errors that take awhile to fix.  I liken it to turning a large ship.  It takes awhile.  If you chose a product that no one wants, or your chosen supplier delivers junk then you may have to start over.


That sounds awful I know, but after you have gone through the process once you can do it 4 or 5 times faster the second time and even faster the next time.  Like you would expect it just gets easier each time and your business grows and grows.

  • Tenacity – The people who work the system and keep plugging away win the race.  Think of the story of the tortoise and the hare.  A burst on the front end does not make up for tenacity.  Keep at it and you will win.  Sure some people choose products poorly or write one press release and think they are done.  The FB group will help straighten you out.  It is full of people who have been there and done that.
  •  Funds – You need funds not only for purchasing the ASM membership but you will need funds to buy your products to sell and potentially some paid advertising if you want expand your business faster.  Of course this can all be done on credit cards or any other creative method you can devise.  (That is what I did.) But keep in mind you are not likelyto pay it off in 30 days. 

    151K Earnings

    Yes, I know the internet is full of schemes that say they will have you in the dough in 30 days or less.  I personally have not witnessed that working.  Some have but for me it took about a month after getting the products in stock to making many sales at all.  But if you work the system it can work for you.  Again it did for me.  ASM has so much social proof that it makes my head swim.  Just an hour in the FB group will open your eyes to people who are succeeding big time.

But it takes time.  It takes work.  GASP!  🙂 The good news it isn’t digging ditches and sure it is work but this work builds a business for you.  Standard jobs do not.

  • Follow Instructions – The ability to watch videos, read PDFs and follow instructions.
  • The ability to suspend fear.  This business has worked for MANY people.  I of course can’t guarantee your results.  Hell, MY earnings are not as good as these folks shown above, but I got really going before Christmas 2014 and already make thousands of dollars of sales every month.  If I keep at it then growth will keep happening.

More to come in my next ASM post!


In the meantime be sure to check out Video number 2 about Suppliers and Automation.


Amazing Selling Machine or DSDomination?


RexIf you had followed me in the past you know this blog has been pretty much dead now for awhile.  Why is that?

Did I just not care anymore?  Too much to promote junk actually.

There were several reasons actually.

The world of affiliate marketing changed a LOT.

  1. New products show up, get promoted and die within a matter of a couple of weeks.
  2. It takes a lot of time to review a product only to have it die as soon as your review is done.
  3. I had become jaded because so many of the products out there simply weren’t very good.
  4. I have moved on to another business model.

So let’s address those.

Here today … gone tomorrow:

New products are introduced at a frantic rate because their payday is on that short 2 week time frame.  So product producers are living product to product or their income dies.

Need to see the product before I promote:

You may remember I don’t like to promote a product that I haven’t used.  Most of the people who are promoting them started promoting them before they see product.  I just don’t want to do that.  I will though if I have super high confidence through personal contact with the creator and experience with previous products for example.  But I am not one to go searching in Clickbank for just any old product to promote.


So many of the products even when I worked my tail off on the system didn’t work as advertised or more often did a *little* but were overhyped to the point of being ridiculous.  The other problem is that so many were teaching just one tactic or method.  It wasn’t complete.  So many of my customers were beginners and wanted to know the WHOLE system and how to make money.

My new business model:

I screwed up.  I admit it.  I spent FAR too long playing with these “systems” that were based on loopholes, crazy tactics and dreams.  So a year or so ago I went back to something I was familiar with which was eBay.

I joined a program called DS Domination.  It worked.  However there was a ton of hype and they were constantly upselling the next module.  It was adding up to some serious money.  Further I found some of there tactics distasteful.  I felt that they took advantage of people (customers).  It was all based on arbitrage.  Find a product to buy at some online store and sell it on eBay with a big markup.  It was all dropshipped.  You didn’t control the product quality and half the time after the customer complains you found out the product was crap. Further some of the eBay customers scammed me. I lost the product, the income from the sale and still owed a significant dollar amount to the dropshipper. Good stuff. I really hate evil bastards that feel that to get ahead they must scam others. But I digress.

Then since you were all selling the same products it became like a pool of piranha eating each other spiraling into the lowest price until no one made any money.

I found out that I dreaded when something would sell because half the time it would turn out to be out of stock.  Then you were left explaining to the customer you didn’t have the product you were selling.

It was just an ugly business and I was working a J.O.B.  If I stopped working the system the money stopped.

But I did make money doing it.  Just not a lot and I don’t like taking advantage of people.  As I said I felt that their basic system does.  I liked the people running it and learned lots of things.  It just wasn’t for me.  As I said the pressure to buy some upsell every other week had a lot to do with it as well.

Then I Rediscovered ASM – The Amazing Selling Machine

selling on amazonActually let me tell the truth.  I really purchased the original version of this called AMM (Amazon Money Machine).  I did what all idiots do.  I ignored it.  Paid good money for it and let it sit while I took off working on DSDomination.  HUGE, HUGE mistake.

I thought I could start making some money almost instantly.  Well I did within a month but I worked my tail off and at the end of the day, if I stopped working the money stopped as well.

The proponents of DSDomination will make it sound like ASM is an bloated overpriced course.  Hey it IS pricey.  So is DSDomination when you buy the upsells.  So is going to college.  Even 1 semester in college costs WAY more than ASM.  Yea, I did that college thing and with a BSEE it served me well for 35 years.  Funny thing… If I stopped working.  The money stopped.  Recurring theme!

I am not one to discourage going to college.  It does cost a ton of money & getting to be more every day.  But fact is, your REAL learning comes after you get out of school.  The money college costs is many, many more times what ASM costs.  College helps you get a J.O.B.

ASM is basically about selling YOUR products on Amazon.  Not a generic thing that everyone else is selling.  Also, Amazon isn’t the end of the line.  It is just the beginning.  It is just the first step toward financial freedom and lifestyle freedom.  Amazon is just a marketplace where you start.

The traffic is already there on Amazon.  People are there to BUY things.  It has a built in review platform that gives people confidence in the product.  It is nearly perfect.

What’s the difference?

The difference between ASM, DSDomination and college is that ASM takes you by the hand and shows you step by step how to build your OWN business.

There is also a user forum and a Facebook group that are spectacular resources.

OU-campusCollege does not show you how to build your own business.  It teaches you a discipline like in my case electrical engineering.  With some extra development you CAN turn it into a business.  Lawyers for example can start their own law firm but most start working for other law firms at the beginning.

DSDomination as I explained *almost* shows you to create a business but in my opinion actually shows you how to create a home based “job”.  Many are satisfied with that.  I understand.  That is enough freedom for some people.  Not me!

But I came to realize that with an affiliate business and even with DSDomination I didn’t have an ASSET that I could sell.  How do you sell something that is based on YOU and doesn’t have any products created by YOU?

Some of the wiser entrepreneurs say “Begin with the end in mind!”  I know that for many young people just having a job is enough.  But I want a true business.

Further… I want to control the product I am selling.  You never have TOTAL control.  In electronics someone can always sell you a bad component that you put into your TV or whatever.  But if you manufacture the product or it is built under contract for you, then you have so much more control than if you drop ship a TV from another store.

Your-Brand-HereI wanted to build a brand, something that I controlled and could be proud of.  ASM taught me how to do that.  EVEN after I purchased ASM I still purchased just about everything from other marketers  that was on the topic of selling products on Amazon.  Not ONE of them could even remotely touch what ASM teaches.  Not one, not even a little bit. Of course they didn’t cost as much but frankly they weren’t that helpful either. So don’t expect some other product you can purchase for less money as being equivalent. It’s not.

On top of what ASM teaches there are numerous software tools and the most interactive Facebook group I have ever been a member of.  There are literally thousands of people in the group just waiting to help with your questions.  People are so anxious to help.  It is Amazing for sure.

Tomorrow I will send an email with a link to get you access to the pre-launch videos and explain about my bonuses if you purchase through my link.  Let me say others may offer what appear to be BIGGER bonuses, but I will be offering personalized help and more…

Rapid Content Wizard Review And Bonus

I am not sure how long the pricing shown in this video is going to last.  They are threatening to raise the price significantly very soon.  Bad news – The price in the video is no longer valid.  The product is now $97.  The good news – It is still worth it.

See the Demo video below:



Access Your Computer on the Road – Part1

One of the questions that I get asked all the time is how I access my computer when I am on the road. As a full time internet marketer I need to be able to get things off my hard drive at home.  Or maybe you have email that isn’t an online account or whatever.

I REFUSE to work on a laptop full time because the performance of my desktop just blows away laptop performance.  I don’t care WHAT kind of laptop you have.  I also have over 4TB of hard drive of data on the desktop.  Laptops just don’t do that.  Since I have so many websites, so much data on hard drive and have many email accounts I always need something that isn’t on my laptop when I travel.

Enter LogMeIn

There are a number of ways of doing it, but the way I like to do it is with an annual account at:

LogMeIn Subscription:

The way this works is that you get a subscription with LogMeIn and you can access your PC with fully encrypted hookups to your home PC from anywhere you have access to the internet and a browser.  So here in the hotel with complimentary Wi-Fi I can (and HAVE) already accessed my machine about 4 times this morning.  It is just like you are sitting in front of the machine.  OK it is a little slower & the screen size is a bit smaller, but other than that it works great.  It even has the ability to switch screen on a dual monitor.

You do have a few caveats.  I leave my machine running while I am gone.  You can set up your machine for “wake on LAN” if you want, but I don’t totally trust that…You know it is Windows we are talking about here!  But overall it is a small price to pay to have access to your machine without dragging the world with you.

LogMeIn is the Answer!

LogMeIn Logo

You buy the subscription to LogMeIn and it is good all year and it makes life so much easier.