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Rex Turner - Honest Internet Marketing Product Reviews

Hello again,

My name is Rex Turner. 

I own & operate a number of web sites (too many) around the internet.  I'm certainly no big time marketing guru. 

My background, is a degreed electrical engineer who designed consumer products that sold in the hundreds of thousands worldwide.  I  designed electronic circuits,  schematics, did printed circuit boards, wrote & debugged software, and managed a group of engineers. 

It's that last one that'll make you gray before your time!

Unfortunately, after almost 31 years I was the victim of a corporate buyout and layoff.  I still consult with them on GPS products from time to time.

The GOOD news is that I had been preparing for this day.  I had been doing internet development for a few years every evening.  NOW it is my full time job!

Just so you will know...the freedom of being able to do what you want WHEN you want to do it is simply amazing.  Just not having to get up & drive through heavy traffic on a stormy day is worth it's weight in gold!

I have always been something of a "closet entrepreneur".  Even as early as junior high school I had tried different businesses of my own.  In high school I designed & sold lighting systems for rock bands & sound effects for guitar.  Today I have my rapidly growing internet business and a thriving real estate business to replace my old day job designing electronics.

My original reason to start a website was for fun.  Later I searched out the information needed to bring my business online in a money making capacity.  The information is out there, but I gotta admit it takes a whale of a lot of work to sift through it to find the ones that will really help your business explode.

That is where the seeds of this website sprouted.  While looking for information on internet marketing products I found that almost all of the reviews I could find were thinly disguised sales pages.  I found that many of the websites had the SAME review.  OK that's funny.  These guys BOTH wrote the same review!  It didn't take a genius to determine that many of the websites were merely using the promotional reviews provided by the merchant.

While I guess there is nothing really wrong with that, it wasn't really what I was looking for.  I wanted some one else's honest opinion about the products I was researching.  That's where MegaMarketingReviews.com comes in.  I am going to do my best to give you honest reviews about these products.  Further, I will buy the product that I am reviewing. 

This way I can let you see how the whole process develops.  I am finding more & more that customer service is lacking.  I send out emails or fill out "tickets" that don't get answered or get "deleted" for whatever reason.  Yes, folks it is plenty frustrating trying to deal with some of these big time marketers.  The little guy gets lost in the shuffle.

So MY MISSION is to provide you the most accurate information about my purchase.  I will let you know important things like how long it takes to arrive, condition of the product, first impressions & more. 

I will be as honest with you as I can.  I'm kinda known for being a little brutal with my honesty at times.  It has REALLY gotten me in trouble over the years. So I will tell you HONESTLY...I will also offer products for sale IF and this is a BIG IF...I believe in my heart that this is a fantastic product.  So sure this web site is about making money for me.  Anybody out there with links to all these products that tells you otherwise is a GIGANTIC LIAR! 


C'mon...weren't you reading this stuff above? (grin)  You get HONEST REVIEWS from an outspoken technical guy who makes his living off the internet.  I will tell you what you can expect if you buy the product.  If you see me sell it, you know that I think it is great!  Otherwise it gets my official "LOSER" award.

I will continue to update the reviews to update how the products are working for me. If you are interest in these kind of "honest reviews" you might want to also sign up for my newsletter so that you don't miss any updates.

I wish you the best of success.

Rex Turner - Honest Internet Marketing Product  Reviews

P.S.  I can always be reached using the contact form